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Is a marketing budget important to have in 2020

Is a marketing budget important to have in 2020?

Whenever you have a new year, our local Orange County businesses will be looking for new, and fresh ways to look at things. Studying the trends is something that is fundamental to SEO Orange County.

So does a small business in California need a marketing budget?

The short answer? Absolutely. As an SEO Company in Orange County, CA we work with and talk to a lot of businesses. The ones that are doing well, also have a marketing budget or understand they need to spend money on marketing.


It’s simple. Marketing is like investing in something you know will give you a return. Similar to buying a house in California in 2002, when you knew it was going to appreciate, and it did till the end of 2007. Same thing here. Marketing is spending money on a proven way to drive customers to your business. If your not doing that, then you’re basically self generating all your sales and clients, and that just can’t scale, which means you will always be capped.

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