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SEO Tip 2020 SEO is an important part of your

SEO Tip 2020

SEO is an important part of your brands marketing in 2020.

Google tries to complicate it a little bit with their 200 + ranking factors, trust me it gets a little more confusing as ever year goes by!

One thing that will be a constant in 2020 is that backlinks will still be given a big priority. The top ranking sites in your websites niche will have a lot of backlinks.

Anywhere from 1k backlinks all the way to 70k for sites with more of a national presence across different local markets.

This backlinks are important message isn’t promoting low quality backlinks, which often don’t help at all, it is stating a fact that lnikbuilding efforts need to focus on quality backlinks from high authority sites, with a focus on quantity as well.

We offer link building packages as well as full seo campaigns because if you can’t afford the later, then the former is still very important to keep moving your website forward.

The razwerks team services all of Orange County, San Diego County, and Los Angeles County!

Reach out to our SEO Expert team today! 949-627-4771

Visit: https://razwerks.com

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