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Are backlinks still relevant in 2020? Great qu

Are backlinks still relevant in 2020?

Great question. The razwerks SEO Orange County experts will give you our expert opinion.

Maybe you have heard the question on whether backlinks even matter anymore? If you listen to the official story by Google, they are saying no, that backlinks don’t matter.

The reality is a little different. Unless you are in a very easy niche, as far as seo difficulty goes, then the short answer is yes they matter.

We have even seen that backlinks matter in easy niches all the way to difficult niches. For example, if you look at the people ranking in any SEO County niche, you will see that the website has hundreds if not thousands of backlinks. We’ve done research as have authority sites in the SEO niche, and yes backlinks still matter.

What Google was likely saying is that quality backlinks and content matter more than low value purchased links in bulk. Those do more harm than good.

That is why its always important to consult with a SEO Orange County expert who can do the proper research on your competition and develop the best backlink strategy moving forward, to make sure you fulfill the quantity and quality requirements when building backlinks in your Orange County SEO campaign.

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