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How to Stimulate Your Vagus Nerve for Improved Mental HealthWith this month marking the 71st Mental Health Month in the United States, we’re looking forward to discussing some ways to i...Mastering the Art of Strengthening Your Vagal ToneAnxiety affects 40 million U.S. adults annually. That makes up about 18% of the population. All of whom may benefit from a st...Our Top Tips to Biohack Your Life & Eliminate Unwanted StressToday we’re sharing with you our favorite tips to biohack your life and eliminate unwanted stress. And they couldn’t come at ...Navigating Emotional HardshipWith everything going on in the world right now, it’s hard not to be emotionally affected. Experiencing emotional hardship is...Understanding Your Circadian Rhythm for Better SleepHave you ever gone to sleep when you were tired and got to sleep until your body naturally woke you up? No alarm clocks, no n...Experience Vagus Nerve Stimulation from HomeDuring a time when many of us are spending most of our time at home, we’re looking for new ways to stay busy and healthy. Per...The Science of Growing New Brain CellsThe idea of growing new brain cells may seem like science fiction, or at least a feat that can only be accomplished several m...7 of the Most Effective Biohacks for Stress ReliefYou can’t go far without hearing the word “hacking” in today’s world. You’ve heard of computer hacking. You’ve heard of elect...Suddenly Working From Home? Heres How You Can Improve Focus“If the COVID-19 virus has you suddenly working from home, you may find it challenging to hone your focus and maximize produc...8 Foods that Help Improve Your FocusDid you know that your brain consumes about 20% of the calories you eat? Food is fuel for your brain. In fact, the brain uses...10 Hacks for Anxiety and Stress ReliefRaise your hand if you could use some stress relief right now! Like many of us, regular day to day life as well as current ev...Using Xen in Your Everyday LifeBy using Xen by Neuvana to stimulate your vagus nerve, you may begin to notice incredible changes in numerous aspects of your...Vagus Nerve Science for a Better Nights SleepTrouble sleeping leads to trouble doing just about anything else. The consequences of not getting enough rest – or good quali...How to Nurture Relationships While in QuarantineOur Need for Human Connection Emotional connection is innate in human beings. Psychologist, Abraham Maslow, created a widely ...Practicing Wellness While Social DistancingEveryone reacts differently to stress. The Coronavirus pandemic has generally caused a lot of understandable worry, anxiety, ...What Does Awe Look Like in the Brain?When was the last time you were in awe of something? Was it when you looked up at the starry night sky? When you heard a beau...Establishing a Mindful Morning RoutineIf you’re looking to make a change in your life, start with your mornings. Studies have shown that morning people are happier...Recovery Today Magazine: Can VNS Help Overcome Addiction?“Recently, drug addiction treatment centers have begun to use Xen as one component of their protocol and the results and feed...
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