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Note EditornoteHow to get embed code on a public note or folder?How to get embed code on a public note? I want to embed it on my site. Yes, there are two methods: Getting code through web c...noteHow to export notes to HTML or PDF?What types of notes export are in Nimbus Note? You can export notes in HTML and PDF formats. How to export notes? 1) Open the...noteHow to duplicate templates and tablesHow to duplicate a template note To make a copy of a template in your workspace, right click on the note and choose Duplicate...noteWays to collaborate on notes and folders in Nimbus NoteNimbus Note makes it easy to share notes. Feel free to share ideas, tips, lecture notes, task lists, work projects, etc. At t...noteHow to use templates in Nimbus NoteAre there any predefined templates in Nimbus Note? Yes, Nimbus Note has a gallery of templates for different categories: How ...Search in Nimbus Note - Quick GuideHow to find a note through search? 1) Click in the search field. 2) Enter the required keyword in the search field and press ...Server backups - Quick guideEvery week we create backups of notes on the server. At any time, you can recover your notes from different dates, including ...Two-Step verification - Quick GuideTwo-Step verification is designed to increase the security of your data. If this verification is enabled, besides the passwor...Search Operators1) OR operator hello OR world This operator will help if you need notes that contain a range of words you are searching for, ...How can I make a folder into a subfolder for a different folder?How can I make a folder into a subfolder for a different folder? Click on the folder you want to make a subfolder and then dr...How to use IFTTT for Nimbus Note?1) Open and create an account (or sign in). 2) Go to My Applets and select New Applet. 3) Press +this and s...How do I send email to Nimbus Note?Where do I find the e-mail to send notes to Nimbus Note? You can find the e-mail in manager of desired workspace - How can I ...noteNimbus Note for Web - Quick GuideI want to create a note. Choose a folder and click New Note. How do I start editing a note? You can read more info about our ...Workspaces - Quick guideOne of the main keys to of successful and productive work is proper distribution and categorization of information. Personal ...Reminders - Quick guideOpen the note. Click on Reminder button. Using the calendar (1) and the clock (2) set the required date and time. If you need...Group work - Quick guideIn Nimbus Note, you can share your folders and notes for cooperative work. For example, you can share documents with your col...How do I import notes from Evernote?Read more about How to export your notes from Evernote. When you have .enex file follow these instructions: Go to Settings. 2...
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