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How to Measure a Window for Window Installation or Window Replacement

If you are thinking about how to measure for window blinds or curtains, then you should know that there are some things you should know before you start to measure. These items include the size of the windows in your home, as well as how many window treatments you will need.

The first step is to decide which style of measurement you prefer. You can either measure to the actual window frame, or to the center of the window. How to measure windows for blinds depends on your choice of measurements.

To measure for curtains, measure the width of the window frame. Measure twice the length of the curtain and double the width of the window frame. For the installation of window treatments, you can either measure the actual window frame or the curtain rod. This should give you an idea of how long the blinds will need to hang.

How to Measure for Window Installation

Window blinds and curtains came in various sizes, but the best way to know which one to get is based on how much light is coming into the room. If the room has more natural light entering, you should go with a smaller size blind. However, if your room gets little natural light, you should go with a larger size.

It is important to make sure that you measure all of the measurements correctly. If you find yourself using a measuring tape that is either too short or too long, you will not have any idea of what your finished measurements will be, or if you will need more, when you measure.

Once you have decided which measurement is correct, then you should choose your window shades. Measure the actual frame to find out how many you need to hang.

Once you have your measurements, take your tape measure over to your local window covering store. and buy a large measuring tape and paper to mark on the wall with your measurements.

When you are measuring for blinds or curtains, it is important that you take into account the space between the actual window frame and the window shades. If you have more space between the window frames than the actual windows, you should go with double sided tapes to make sure you get your measurements right. If you have less space between the windows, you may want to use single sided tape.

Measure for Blinds When you first decide that you want to buy blinds, you may want to make sure that you know the length and width of the windows before you start shopping. You do not want to make a mistake and purchase blinds that are too short or too wide. In this case, you may end up with a set of blinds that fall through the window when you open them.

How to Measure for Window Replacement

After you have the measurements you need, you should go and find a store where you can sit down and take the measurements. While you are there, ask the clerk if you can measure the fabric on the blinds to get a better idea of how long they will be. You can also ask if you can try the fabric on before you buy.

To measure for curtains, take your measurement over to the closet and measure the width of the window and the length. of the closet door. If you want to use double sided tape, measure the inside of the bottom of the curtain rod. and from there, go back to your window covering store and measure for your blinds.

The measurement of the fabric on the blinds should be used to measure the measurement of the rods you want to hang. Use double sided tape to make sure the rod you get is long enough.

When you get to the store, put the blinds you have measured over the rods and then hold them down with your tape measure. and mark the measurement over the rods to get an idea of the exact length that you need. You need to get the length of the rod and then hang the blinds.

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