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How to Soundproof a Window

If your window is starting to let in noise from outside, you have two choices – install additional insulation in the room to protect it, or replace your window with soundproof replacement windows. Soundproofing your home will not only add value to your property, but it will also save you money on utility bills and help you sleep peacefully at night. If you’re wondering how to soundproof your window cheap, there are several ways.

First, decide which rooms in your house that you want insulated. Good news! There are several ways on how to soundproof windows cheaply without breaking the bank. Keep in mind, no matter who lives in the home, you still want the most peace of mind; good sleep, relaxation, concentration, and so many other things.

Next, get rid of any extra noise-cancelling insulation in the rooms you want insulated. You can do this by removing the ceiling and making sure all light switches are closed. Then, fill each window with insulation, just like you did before, but be sure to leave a gap of about one inch at the top, sides and bottom of the window.

The First Step of Sound Proofing a Window

Put in the new insulation using standard holes. Be sure to keep the holes straight to avoid air pockets from being created, or you’ll have gaps in the wall that are letting in noise. The holes in the walls are also where the insulation will fit in snugly.

Install the new window in the place you’re replacing, so the insulation will stick to the new surface. Then, put on the new sealant, such as silicone caulk. Seal the sides of the window using the caulk, then insert the old insulation.

Once this is done, add the new window sealant, such as polyurethane or other penetrating sealant. and let it set for at least an hour before you open the window.

When you open the window, you will see that the new window is completely sealed in. So that is how to soundproof a window cheap. inexpensive that you can do by yourself in the privacy of your own home. And if the existing window cannot be soundproofed, or is damaged beyond repair, this step still works well.

If you don’t feel like buying new windows, there are a number of products available that you can use as replacements. Just make sure you choose a product that will be easy to install, with a warranty, and fit well in your window. This window covering products are also very affordable, so consider this before buying. This way, you can soundproof your home cheaply yet have the best windows in town.

Soundproofing can be hard work. But, once you start, it won’t be long before you’re able to accomplish this task, and soundproof your home without having to spend too much money.

If you’re not certain whether your windows are soundproof enough, consider taking a course in soundproofing. Most courses will teach you how to soundproof your windows, but they usually charge you for a lot more than the actual materials you will need.

Installing Sound Proof Windows

However, you don’t need to invest a lot of money if you have a DVD player, a mirror, some tape, scissors and a tape measure, etc. If you know what you’re doing, you can actually make a few of these materials at home.

You can also find these materials online or at your local home improvement store. Once you’ve made a few, they should last you a very long time, because they aren’t expensive.

In order to achieve this soundproofing, you will need to cut holes into your existing window and place sheets of either fiberglass or wood over them. Wood can provide the most sound-damping effect while fiberglass provides a better overall sound absorption. This should help keep outside sounds from penetrating your home, keeping you and your family’s comfortable, peaceful.

Then you’ll need to stick these sheets on the windows, making sure that you leave some space between them to let the air flow. If you’re making the windows yourself, be sure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions for their windows to ensure they stay properly insulated. After that, you need to fill the holes with caulking or felt, and cement.

As you continue to do this, you can continue to put in more sheets of wood and then removing them, as you need to, so that your windows can be used to their fullest. Soundproofing your home will take a lot of work, but is worth it, because you will have the windows that will allow you to have peace of mind and enjoy being able to hear your music when you want to.

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