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Struggling With Weight Loss? These Nutrition Tips Can Help You!For someone who is not used to eating a certain way and doing daily exercise, losing weight may also be difficult. It is impo...Insulin Therapy And How To Control Type 1 DiabetesDiabetes affects millions of individuals across the globe as a chronic condition. As a child or a senior citizen or at any ag...What To Expect When You Have DiabetesUnderstanding diabetes can be hard, even for people who have suffered from it their whole life. Finding the right resources t...Control Your Diabetes The Healthy WayA diagnosis of diabetes is probably amongst one of the hardest ones to swallow. With no cure, and a plethora of treatments th...Are You Suffering With Diabetes? Try These RemediesLiving with a diabetic can sometimes be a worry for people related to the person in question. This article will list several ...New Study Reveals Risk Factors For Type 2 DiabetesA new analysis characterizes insomnia as a novel risk factor for type 2 diabetes. The researchers identified 19 risk factors ...People with pre-diabetes who continue to develop type 2 diabetes are decreasingFinally some good news. Less people are getting full blown type 2 diabetes thanks to better health care and early diagnosis. ...Duke University Researchers Show Type 2 Diabetes Treatment Increases When Drugs Are Linked TogetherBiomedical engineers at Duke University have shown that the effectiveness of a two-pronged type 2 diabetes procedure improves...Your Handgrip May Indicate Your Risk Of Diabetes Type 2A simple test such as the strength of your handgrip could be used as a quick, low-cost screening tool to help healthcare prof...Study Reveals Artificial Pancreas May Offer Hope For Diabetes Type 1 PatientsA clinical trial at four pediatric diabetes centers in the United States showed that a new artificial pancreas system — which...Discovery Of New Enzyme Brings Hope For Diabetes Type 2 PatientsA newly discovered protein developed by the liver could potentially revolutionize care for type 2 diabetes, which helps to re...Your body mass index may be a bigger risk factor for diabetes than geneticsNew information shows that diabetes may be reversed with proper care. Especially in the early stages. According to late break...Thoracic Investigates Relationship Between Covid and Asthma PatientsIt stands to reason that if you suffer from asthma you are more likely to get affected by Covid19. This new study by atsjourn...Voice-enabled Continuous Monitoring Device May Help Blind Diabetic PatientsVoice enabled technology can help blid diabetic patiens cope better with the disease. This invention is worthy of a prize. Us...Three Years of Tumult End As Akcea Returns To Parent CompanyAkcea Therapeutics is returning to its parent company, Ionis Pharmaceuticals, in a $500 million deal that ends a tumultuous t...Technology is helping diabetics cope betterHow useful are the applications and other developments in diabetes management technology? Effectively controlling diabetes re...University of Michigan have developed an algorithm to help treat COVID-19 patients with diabetesTeam from the University of Michigan created an algorithm to assist in the care of COVID-19 diabetes patients. For COVID-19 p...Does sugar cause diabetes?Sugar doesn't make you diabetic. Something goes wrong in the body due to other causes. Nevertheless, sugar can contribute to ...