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Cannabis Compound Kills Antibiotic-Resistant SuperbugA cannabis compound has been shown to kill some of the most worrisome antibiotic-resistant bacteria in a study by Canadian re...Which Pot Strain Works Best for Gambling? Vegas Budtenders Share Their TipsLas Vegas and cannabis consumption may sound like a match, but with so many things to do and so many options to consider cons...Bud and Loathing Captain Hooter at MJBIZ 2019CANNABIS CULTURE - When my editor here at Cannabis Culture Magazine sent me the ”thumbs up” to cover this years MJBiz Confere...The Mushroom Soma Theory: A Critical AnalysisCANNABIS CULTURE - Undoubtedly, currently the most popular candidate for Soma has been the Amanita muscaria mushroom, which, ...The Cannabis Soma/Haoma Theory: A Synopsis Based on the Latest Textual and Archeological EvidenceCANNABIS CULTURE - This is part 2 of a series on The Soma Haoma Question, exploring the identity of the ancient Vedic and Ave...Edible Arrangements Enjoys Edge on Entering CBD Market Thanks to Existing TrademarksMaker of fancy fruit baskets adds a little cannabis to the mix. It was just a matter of time. Edible Arrangements, better kno...New Cannabis Products: CBD-Infused Instant Coffee Weed-Infused Red Wines and New Pet ProductsAs the cannabis market expands, it's hard to keep track of the many products that launch every week. Benzinga put together a ...Greenisland Cannabis Solutions Helps People Who Want to Grow Their Own Medical MarijuanaAshley Harnden and her husband, Shawn Harnden, have gone through all the ups and downs growing their own medical cannabis. No...Whats Potting: Cannabis Recipes to TryA female-focused online cannabis platform KushKush is creating a space for lady-stoners to share in recreational and medicina...City Eyes Regulations for Locations of Cannabis FacilitiesThe city is considering changes to where cannabis production and processing facilities can be located. At a meeting on Tuesda...Colorado Hopes to Make Cannabis Industry More Eco-Friendly by Recycling Breweries Carbon Dioxide“We want this to be a model in craft brewing and cannabis,” Gov. Jared Polis says. In an effort to make Colorado’s cannabis i...What is social equity in Colorado's cannabis industry? Regulators look to level the playing field for marginalized communitiesRegulators at the state level and in Denver are tackling new initiatives to improve social equity in Colorado's cannabis indu...Colorado hopes to make cannabis industry more eco-friendly by recycling breweries' carbon dioxideIn an effort to make Colorado's cannabis industry more eco-friendly, the state's health department and energy office launched...Why Tommy Chong at Age 80 is the Reigning Cannabis LegendIf you ask any stoner who the OG’s of cannabis culture are, they’ll likely say Snoop Dogg, B Real or Cheech and Chong. But if...Hemp Can Still Save the WorldCANNABIS CULTURE - How Jack Herer was right – and Ed Rosenthal was wrong – about hemp ethanol. So if you watch the news these...Cannabis Canada: Rbc Analyst Tempers Outlook on Vape and Edible SalesVapes, edibles expected to see sales hit $250M in first year of availability: analyst Expectations ahead of the launch of Can...Youll Be Able to Buy Weed From Ontario Producers but Theres a Strange CatchThis spring, Ontario will start to see farm-gate cannabis retail: much like a vineyard or brewery, customers will be able to ...Wiarton Bongspiel Returns Bigger Better and SmootherWhile the weather outside was frightful on Saturday, nobody inside the Wiarton and District Curling Club really cared. In fac...
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