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Bath Bombs HIFEER 12 PCS Vegan Organic Fizzies Bubble Bath Spa Essential Oils Flowers Skin Moisturizing Gift for Women Girls

Price: $19.99

HIFEER 12PCS Bath Bombs Set

Want to Take A Special SPA ?

Try HIFEER Fizzies Bath Bombs !!!

Soothing and calm scents with luxurious fizzy!

Made of organic and natural ingredients, moisturize and soften your skin with essential oil

Also friendly to sensitive skin

6 different fragrance for you. Formulated with essential oils, each one offers a different bathing experience .

Blended with organic formula, never worried about leaving stain on your tub or skin

Ideal & Unique gift for birthday, party, holiday…
Bath Bombs Gift Set: 12 pcs handmade fizzies bath bombs with 6 different scents ( 3oz for each) . Thrown into warm water in tub, quickly bubbling with essential oils and tons of fizzy fun giving you a relaxing, colorful and scented bathing experience
Organic & Natural Formula: Natural mineral salts and essential oil in all the 12 bath fizzies, and dry flowers added in some. Moisturize and smooth your skin carrying your troubles away perfect for bedtime soother after a long day work, also great friendly to sensitive skin
6 Organic Aromas: A must for any romantic bath, this bath bomb contains all of nature’s most potent and seductive ingredients to get you in the mood for a good and softens up your entire body. Indulge in a little luxury with the bath bomb and you’ll be ready for anything
Luxurious Fizzies Bubbles: Unique ingredients designed to create perfect fizzes and bubbles with soothing and calm scents giving you a special visual presentation and making bath time more enjoyable. Not stain your tub
Gorgeous Fineness Package: Each bath ball is individually packaged and protected from broken or damage during transport. And all in an elegant box. Convenient and portable for home or travel use. Perfect gift ideas for party, holidays

via Natural Beauty Guide
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