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Plan and Create a Studying Plan

Why do I need a learning plan and how do I create one? In the following, we will show you in steps why you should definitely create your personal online learning plan and which tips and tricks it will lead you to success in school and study.

Goal setting with a learning plan

Why do I need a study plan?

Today’s school system with an infinite number of exams, projects, exams, and high school diplomas makes everyday life for students extremely hectic. We’ve all been in a situation where you often feel like you don’t have enough time to prepare for the exam. How do you proceed in such a case?

Numerous feedbacks that we have received from students and teachers show: Creating a learning plan will make your stressful life more structured and therefore easier.

We recently researched on Twitter how pupils and students report about their daily learning experience and what makes them more successful at school. Not surprisingly, in many of the communications, we ended up with a learning plan that students create for their exam preparation. For example, below is a student’s study plan.

Your online learning plan is accessible from anywhere

The paper study plan above looks excellent and we wish you good luck with your learning! But the digital version of the learning plan will make your life even more beautiful.

Nowadays you don’t have to carry a thick notebook with you anymore. For your learning notes and all other learning materials such as index cards or mind maps can the network using various tools easily created, saved, and used later.

But not only school information, but also online learning plans prove to be very practical. Imagine you’re on the road right now and you know that there is still something to be learned today for your maths exam, which will take place very soon (oh no, next week, right?) Your paper study plan hangs comfortably at home next to your desk …



To-do list


Before you give up the idea of ​​learning for today and maybe skip the planned chapter of the math book, take a look at your online study plan! Then you can see if the chapter can be moved for later, but on the same day, and you can quickly make the necessary changes online.

If you are a big fan of the print, you can also print out the weekly or monthly schedule and hang it up in your favorite place in your room. In an online learning plan, you can also make notes on what has already been done or perhaps not yet done, and thus always keep an eye on your success and your duties.

How do I create an effective learning plan?

Again we heard on Twitter that some pupils and students would like to know how to create a good and realistic study plan.

First of all, what you have to consider in your stressful everyday life: You have very little time after school for a long study. Because if you have other obligations and, for example, attend a sports or language course in the evening, there may be time left for upcoming homework. Then of course you want to have fun with friends from time to time, watch films or play video games. Then when do you actually learn?

You should allow yourself at least half an hour for the exam every day, as soon as the exam date is known. And how do you stick to it? Preferably with a clear learning plan!

In your learning calendar, enter all the compulsory lessons that you have to be in school or other courses and then mark the times you want to dedicate to studying. Don’t forget to keep your plan up to date. For example, if you have a sudden doctor’s appointment or an important school project, you should record it right away. Your learning plan shouldn’t be overly cramped either, because it is important to set realistic goals. Be flexible if the already planned learning time has to be postponed forwards or backward in the day.

In case you need a home tuition teacher to help you in your schoolwork, or perhaps your leaning plan, you can engage one from a reliable tuition agency. The private tuition rates are normally quite affordable, do check the rate first before you make a decision to hire a private tutor.

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