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Scranton Self Storage

Scranton Self Storage

At Storway Self Storage, we offer exceptional Scranton self-storage for all our customers. When you store your goods with us, you are assured your items are in good hands. The security cameras, coded gate entryways, and perimeter fencing are our top security apparatus. Our size guide enables you to know the exact quantity of your item. We have a storage expert who answers all your questions. What else are you looking for? We have various methods of payment and a reliable customer support team. If you are located in Scranton, PA, and require a self-storage unit, we are here for you. contact us today through (570) 556-4566.

Storway Self Storage
2727 Olyphant Ave, Scranton, PA 18509
(570) 556-4566
Hours: Monday-Sunday 9am-7pm


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