Marisela Santoro
Spraying 209 at T&AInvasive pests cause up to 40% of viable crops loss yearly. Leaving farmers to destroy their stock and later dealing with dis...How to use liquid fertilizerMost potted and garden plants have no chance to develop without fertilization. Here, soil ecosystems are inadequate for growt...When to apply weed killerWhen it appears there are more weeds on the lawn than the grass itself and you can’t remove them manually, weed killers come ...What is Pesticide ResistanceLiving organisms by definition are not homogenous. The species constantly evolve, including your vegetable and fruit plants. ...noteFIRST TIME GROWERThis is my first time growing cannabis plants, and the results have been Wild! Growing 3 indicas & a sativa. I got these clon...noteMonster PlantsI’ve been using your 209 as a preventative and fungicides for 2 full years now with amazing results. I water in 20 gallons a ...UntitledWHAT NUTRIENTS DO HYDROPONIC PLANTS REQUIRE? Hydroponic cultivation takes place in water. Combined with the right fertilizers...UntitledWHEN TO APPLY FUNGICIDE ON LAWNS September 12, 2020 Lawn disease is something you notice right away. Not surprisingly, when y...What is the best liquid fertilizer for plants?Poor growth is one of the most common problems for crops. The most natural and economical way to feed your plants, therefore,...Saved My Rose BushPam R. from North Carolina I started using the SNS 209 as a systemic on my roses at the end of last season, in the hopes I co...Marisela SantoroHi I am Marisela Santoro,37 years old,working on E commerce and Graphic Designing from the last 7 years.Here I am sharing spe...
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