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Bondage Rope Sets - A Must-Have for the Bondage Connoisseur

Start with bondage ropes

Bondage ropes are often associated with the more extreme aspects of BDSM. They tend to conjure images of flexible people tied up into all kinds of crazy positions, like the hogtie, box tie, or ball tie.

A BDSM set that includes this type of bondage gear is certainly not suitable for beginners, as using rope requires some prior knowledge and understand to use correctly. Yes, we all need to start somewhere, which is why we recommend beginner bondage kits or handcuff bondage kits first!

Black Bondage Rope

For those with more experience, bondage rope is highly recommended. It takes the bondage play to an entirely different level, giving the opportunity to be bound in incredibly creative and kinky ways. You do need some flexibility and an understanding of how to safely use bondage rope though!

Make sure you are practicing your tying and knotting techniques long before you use them for real, while avoiding anything too advanced until you are more experienced using the topes. For the more advanced you may want to read this fantastic article on the world of Japanese rope bondage.

Using bondage rope with other bondage toys is a great way to up your bondage game. We have bondage sets that include rope and other sex toys like vibrators, clamps, ticklers, floggers, and more. These allow you to experience other parts of BDSM - like sensation play, spanking, dominance and submission - during bondage play.

This leads to all sorts of kinky nights in the bedroom as you explore the wider world of BDSM. Remember, they may not be for the faint of heart but if you have been trying bondage for a while and want to explore it further, these advanced bondage sets are a great option.

As always, safety is always important for bondage sets like these. The rope is designed specifically for bondage, so it doesn’t chafe or cut off circulation. These are made from various materials, ranging from synthetic to natural, so it is easy to find one that meets your needs.

Always have some scissors on stand by when using bondage rope - it never hurts to be extra safe!


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