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Bondage Play - So what's it all about?

Bondage play is a subculture of BDSM that most of us are familiar with. It is the part that involves being voluntarily restrained by a partner for erotic pleasure, so if you’ve ever tried handcuffs or tying a partner to the bed, then you have dabbled in bondage play.

Image of woman's heel on mans chest

In fact, bondage is perhaps the most socially accepted aspect of BDSM. Most people have tried it to some extent, while it is widely portrayed in modern culture - there are countless TV shows, movies, and novels all describing the fun world of bondage.

This has led many people to want to experience all that bondage has to offer! We have seen it first hand, with our bondage sets and bondage toys being more popular than ever. These regularly outsell other BDSM sets and toys, highlighting just how many people are enjoying bondage!

It is easy to see why after all. Bondage is an incredibly erotic experience for all involved, with the act of being consensually bound a massive turn on for many, while those that do the restricting gain a lot of arousal from taking on a dominant role.

Bondage Play - Safety First, Sexiness Second

Of course, it is important to use the right bondage toys to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. Yes, technically you can use all kinds of everyday objects for bondage but these are not always safe or comfortable, so it is vital that you use the right restraints designed specifically for bondage.

So, to ensure everyone is safe during their kinky adventures, we now offer a range of beginner bondage sets that provide all the best bondage toys. All products are safe for bondage play and you get exceptional value for money, with each bondage set including a range of awesome toys for you both to enjoy!

Beginner Bondage Set - The Perfect Place to Start Playing


We have some of the most varied bondage sets in the UK, with an awesome array of kinky bondage toys that are perfect for beginners. These include a wide selection of toys, including bondage restraints and some other sex toy goodies and bondage gear, giving you everything you need to start exploring bondage play.

Each one includes physical restraints, usually cuffs, which are easily attached to the wrists and/or ankles. Of course, that is only half the fun of bondage. This why the best bondage sets encourage you to try other aspects of BDSM by including toys like feather ticklers, floggers, and whips.

Some also include bondage gear alongside the bondage toys. These add even more spice to bondage, such as using a neck cuff to establish clear dominate and submissive roles as you indulge each other in bondage.


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