Skinny might taste good but freedom tastes betterIn life it can be all consuming sometimes trying to be thin and look like the ideal woman. In knowing that skinny is not the ...3 ways to win the quest for balance and find your grooveThe eternal mission in life that many people struggle with is the one to find balance. The quest can lead to yoyoing and stru...3 ways to overcome negative thinking and embrace successIt can be so easy to succumb to the negativity of the world, others or your own internal dialogue. In this mission I will hel...3 things to do if you are rejected for your bodyLet’s face it, there are shallow people in the world who don’t accept and appreciate women for their true spirit and soul. I ...3 ways to deal with anxious eating to live a healthier lifeSo many people eat when they are anxious reaching for food as a way to self-medicate and make themselves feel better. Have yo...3 ways to accept your body and do all the things you want to do in lifeDo you put off things for the way you think you look, or the way others may or do think you look? In life, it is too short to...3 ways to give up debilitating perfectionism for an element of freedomPerfectionism is something that can be debilitating because many women struggle with the fact of life that things just often ...3 top tips for losing the last 5 kilograms and winning the war on weightI know what it is like to lose weight. I have lost more than enough of it in my life over two occasions and understand what i...3 strategies to keep active during winterIn winter, it can be very tempting to stay rugged up on the couch and not exercise due to the weather and the cold. So many p...3 ways to value your body just the way it is and overcome external opinionsI have to write about this because when I tell people about Battle Babes, the first thing they often do is look at my body as...3 things to be mindful of when joining a gym or employing a trainerOften when you are joining a gym or employing a trainer it can be a daunting process. Many women get caught out with membersh...3 ways to overcome a warped perception of your bodySo many women look into the mirror and think they are fat or don’t look good because they are comparing themselves with an id...3 ways to set goals to achieve your outcomesWhen it comes to setting goals, it is important to be realistic and if it is a weight loss goal you must factor in that you s...3 ways to deal with a setback and get right back on trackIt is often inevitable that you may find yourself setback. Sometimes life gets in the way or you simply feel like you can’t b...3 ways to know when you have lost enough weightWhen it comes to weight loss, what method do you use to know when you have lost enough weight? Do you use the BMI, just the n...3 ways to be happy now regardless of your body shape or sizeSo many women put off things in life because they say, ‘I will do it when I am skinner’ or ‘When I lose weight I will…’. The ...What is fat anyway? 3 ways to deal with being judged as fat.I am passionate about this as there are many women who think they are fat because of what others say about them when they are...3 ways to deal with judgement to succeed in your weight loss journeyLet’s face it, we are living in a world where there is judgement and people think that their opinion or view of the way you s...
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