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Typical Drain Cleaner Ingredients Explained

Drain cleaners can come in three different forms: liquid, gel, and powder. Most of the drain cleaners on the market and on shelves use strong chemicals that create heat and break apart the clogged material with corrosion.

Caustic drain cleaners contain elements such as lye and what is known as caustic potash, hence the name. These elements adhere to the clogged substance, and then their hydroxide ions create the heat reaction that corrodes the clog. The heat causes greasy substances to become more soap-like, until it’s dissolved. These drain cleaners have the advantage of being heavier than water and that’s why they are able to penetrate through sitting water.

Oxidizing drain cleaners contain more well-known ingredients such as household bleach, peroxide, and nitrites. These chemicals cause gunk to have its electrons oxidized. It, too, releases heat and gas to clear the clog.

Drain cleaners made of acid aren’t usually found in stores, but instead are sold to professionals, plumbers and commercial cleaners for example. These drain cleaners contain high concentrations of sulfuric acid or hydrochloric acid, two ingredients that attract electrons from the clogged material. These chemicals react with the clog, causing heat and melts grease.

It’s no argument that these chemical based drain cleaners are powerful and can kick a clogged drain’s butt. If used as directed, the chemical-based drain cleaners should not cause too much harm or damage to newer pipes found in homes today. The drains of older homes are more at risk of damage, but all homes are at risk of damage if used repeatedly. However, it’s the human application that has alarming threats to the health. If these powerful chemicals are somehow accidentally ingested (often by children), inhaled, or even just make contact with your skin for too long a period. Imagine the way the drain cleaners have just been described to work on a clogged drain, dissolving all that’s in its way with a heat causing chemical reaction. Now imagine inhaling or coming into skin contact with that product.

There are alternatives that really work! BlueBio Drain Cleaner is both a safe and effective alternative to the chemical-based drain cleaners of the past. It uses natural probiotics that feed on the material that’s clogging your pipes. There are a number of applications for BlueBio Drain Cleaner including septic tanks, kitchen drains and even sewerage conduits. You can probably dream of other places to apply the power of BluBio. It loves organic matter and can assist you in the cleaning of any organic caked or clogged space.

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