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How Do You Shampoo Car Carpets? Fargo ND

Luxury Car InteriorOutside of the body, car carpets are usually the dirtiest region of the vehicle.  Dirt, trash, spilled coffee; there is no end to the amount of havoc they face.  Because of this, shampooing them is a fruitful endeavor, albeit one that should be handled in a meticulous fashion.  First and foremost, realize that only automotive grade shampoos can be used, as even dish soap is frowned upon.  If you use a detergent that is not for carpeting, it will leave a greasy film on the fibers, making them slick and oily.  So how do you shampoo car carpets successfully?


“While the shampooing will get rid of most of the dust, using a stain guard is beneficial… these sprays are useful because they repel liquid, making carpet more resistant to soda and coffee spills”


Remove Any Pieces You Can

This step will depend entirely on the make and model of your vehicle, and what components it has that are removable.  If possible, take out any carpeting you are going to wash.  Not only will this take pressure off of your back from bending down awkwardly in the car, it will also stop chemical residue from spreading to other regions of the vehicle.  If you cannot lift the pieces of carpet, using plastic strips in surrounding areas is a good idea if you do not want to risk getting anything else wet.

Vacuum As If It Is Going In The Showroom

Before you even embark on shampooing, vacuuming your carpets extensively is essential.  Even if it appears there is nothing on the surface, embedded dust will render the chemicals you add in later meaningless if you do not eradicate them.

Use Spot Cleaner

Spot cleaner is not the same thing as carpet shampoo, so applying them in the right order is essential.  These detergents are aerosol based in most cases, and should be sprayed directly on stains.  After problematic spaces are covered, blot with a microfiber towel.  If the stains are deep, repeat this process at least one more time after you have let it dry for an hour.

Deep Clean Machines To The Rescue

If your carpeting is wrinkled, lay it as flat as possible before placing the deep clean machine apparatus on top of it.  The carpet cleaner should be filled with liquid and chemical solution recommended by the manufacturer.  Use the device by moving corner to corner as if you are vacuuming with your hand.  Go over each region numerous times, but at a fairly quick pace to avoid over-damping.  Once your carpets look (and smell) amazing, and the fibers are free of foam, grab a stain guard.

Provide Preventative Care

While the shampooing will get rid of most of the dust, using a stain guard is beneficial.  These sprays are useful because they repel liquid, making carpet more resistant to soda and coffee spills.  Even though these layers are not foolproof, they will buy you some time before you need to shampoo the carpets again.


Shampooing car carpets is something that professional auto detailers approach with a great deal of respect, technique, and effectiveness.  Their skills are exemplified by delivering clean carpets and mats that appear brand new.  If your vehicle’s interior is shampooed regularly, thousands of dollars of value can be added to its sticker price.

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