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Sofa cleaning Sydney- How to Clean a Dirty Sofa

Sofa cleaning Sydney- How to Clean a Dirty SofaHave you ever wondered how much time we spent on the couch at home? It is an indispensable item that we use to receive visitors, watch TV with the whole family, rest after a long day of work and even to take that nap of 15 minutes after lunch. And for a good experience, of course, the sofa should be comfortable, matching the decor of the room, and it should be clean. But when something is accidentally dropped into the upholstery, the first alternative that comes to mind is looking for a cleaning product that removes dirt. The problem is that we often use the wrong product in the wrong amount and the dirt or stain gets bigger. This is why it is important to research the exact cleaning for each type of fabric. This post from professional sofa cleaning Sydney will help you with the same.

This post talks about-

  1.  Sofa washing;
  2. Professional cleaning;
  3. What not to use.

We emphasize on the importance of testing ANY home-made products on a smaller area of ​​the upholstery before applying it to its entire surface. We advise researching the cleaning methods of each type of sofa and if it can receive the cleanliness of a particular substance.

Which cleaning of Sofa in Sydney is ideal: dry or wet?

Sofa cleaning depends on the type of material that covers your upholstery. The variety is wide: leather, cotton, suede, linen, velvet,  and more. And it’s very easy to get confused while choosing which type of product to use. Therefore we, a professional sofa cleaning service provider in Sydney advise you to always check the label with the instruction symbols found on the bottom of the cabinet. It looks like-

Symbol P: Means it requires a dry cleaning process, which can be done using a dry cloth.

Symbol W: Means it requires a wet scrubbing process, which is generally the most common. You can use water, vinegar, detergent, and other specific liquids.

Symbol F: Means it requires professional dry cleaning. It is recommended to look for a specialized company.

If there are upholsteries in your home with very sensitive fabrics, then the best option is to invest in professional Sofa cleaning in Sydney.

Cleaning Methods of Different Sofas


You need-

  • A damp cloth and neutral detergent;
  • Dry cloth to remove dust;

To conserve such materials, it is advisable to apply petroleum jelly or liquid silicone every three months.

2. Suede

You can clean them using:

A damp cloth and little neutral detergent;

All you need to do is to brush the sofa once a week with a soft bristle brush, respecting the direction of the fabric. For best results, ask for the professional help from a reputed Sofa cleaning service in Sydney.

3. Fabric

You will need:

  •  Aspirator;
  • Water;
  • Coconut soap (liquid);
  • Soft bristle brush.


  • Remove all cushions (only if they are removable) and vacuum the entire surface of the sofa (especially the corners);
  • In a container, put some warm water and a tablespoon of liquid poop soap;
  • With the brush, apply the solution all over the upholstery. Repeat if necessary, but be careful not to wet the fabric too much;
  • Remove excess of the previous solution with water.

Stain removal on fabric sofa

You will need:

  • Warm water;
  • Neutral detergent;
  • Dry cloth;
  • Soft bristle brush;
  • Eggbeater.


  • Dilute neutral detergent in warm water;
  • Beat the mixture using an egg beater until foamed;
  • Apply foam to the entire surface of the sofa with the brush. Rub gently;
  • Remove excess foam with a damp cloth in water,
  • Finish with a dry cloth to absorb the liquid.

Hope this post helps! Now stay even healthier with ever clean upholsteries at your home. To get the best assistance regarding sofa cleaning Sydney, contact us today!


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