America is the True Old world
Italy Superior and Ancient RomeItaly Superior and ancient Rome is a necessary post to explain the Venetian (Italian) influence of Florida, formally, called ...Alexander the GreatTameri, "The land of the Maurs." In this post is a 1657 map of La floridas that is identical to the 1741 map of Carolana that...Teotihuacan is the Home of ThothKnowledge of the Birds Look at the similarities between the Peregrine Falcon and the B2 Stealth Bomber. It looks like the B-2...Adolf Hitler was a BlackamoorThe Swastika is a global symbol This image shows you the Swastika as a global symbol, since it was worshipped, globally as yo...The Americas: The Greater Morocco.Michelle Obama by Moroccan flag Former First Lady, Michelle Obama, is seen during a press conference posing with the flag of ...The Phoenicians are from the AmericasMaur Hieroglyph This is the Maur Hieroglyphic from the Palermo Stele in Egypt. As you can see the Owl represents the Maur and...Grand Tartary was In North AmericaQueen Califia/ Khalifa. The Great seal of the State of California bears the image of the Griffin-Queen, Queen Califia. Queen ...Ancient China The Land of the OrientPrester John Map Prester John in Ethiopia, Genoese Planisphere, 1457 Prester John on his throne Close up image of the 1569 Me...Ancient Afghanistan was in MissouriAfghanistan Market The Khyber/ Quivira Pass Quivirae regnum, cum aliis versus Boream. Novae Gvineae Forma & Situs. From the a...Ancient Turkey was in South CarolinaAn exotic map of the USA from the Library of the University of California, Santa Barbara. As you can see, South Carolina is c...Ham is Shem and KhemAncient and Modern Britons Quote by David MacRitchie, Ancient and Modern Britons, Vol. 2 Page 46. as you can see, William Sha...Lower Jerusalem and Morocco was in MissouriOne Huge Obelisk in Albany Oregon One Huge Obelisk in Albany Oregon. In this post is three images of several obelisks found a...Old Canaan in the New WorldThe First Compass This is the First Compass, aka, the original compass and as you can see the Far East is actually the West. ...The Rock of Gibraltar is Stone Mountain GAThe dragon slayer Hercules slaying the dragon in the garden of the Hesperides or the Garden of Eden that is guarding the Gold...Ethiopia: America is the True Old World Vol. II PaperbackAncient Ethiopia Figure 27: map of Ethiopia in South America. This map is very significant because Ethiopia is the land of Cu...America is the True Old World Vol. II (Ebook)Moslem-Jerusalem: The promised land America is the True Old World, volume II (Ebook) is jam-packed with information and after...The Americas is Ancient Egypt1595 mercator Map of the North Pole shown as Eden and Meru Old World 1595 Mercator map of the Arctic North Pole, and as you c...Ancient Punt was in South AmericaPineapples from Punt in South America This is an engraving from the Temple of Hatshepsut, a 18th Dynasty Egyptian Pharaoh, wh...