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Best Shoes for Jumping Rope: Top 5 Buying Guide

The dramatic increase of people who want to get in shape and maintain a healthy lifestyle has opened up many doors to various exercise and workout equipment needed to get into shape.

You could spend hundreds or thousands of dollars a year by joining expensive gyms that you do not really like, or you could save a lot by just getting a jump rope and the best shoes for jumping rope for a sweaty, effective home workout. Read Here: Best Running Shoes for Flat Feet: Top 5 Editors Picks

For years, jump rope was mainly reserved for kids. That’s until fitness enthusiasts and athletes recognized its excellent benefits to the body. To help you get started on your jump rope journey, we’ll take a look at the best shoes for jumping rope on the market today.

But, first…

Benefits of Jumping Rope

We need to talk about the wonderful reasons as to why you’d want to jump rope.

1) Sheds Major Calories

Compared to 30-minute jogging, jumping rope can burn more calories. It can achieve a burn rate of 1,300 calories an hour of vigorous activity, with 0.1 calories burned per jump.

2) Reduce Ankle and Foot Injuries

Jumping rope is highly beneficial for people active in sports. Most athletes in football, tennis, basketball, and just about any sport often suffer from ankle and foot injuries from running, stopping, and quick turning. Jumping helps in strengthening your strength in the muscle surrounding your feet and ankle joint, reducing the chance of injury in those areas.

3) Better Coordination

Jumping rope improves coordination by making you focus better on your feet. Whether you’re paying attention to them or not, your brain is aware of what your feet are doing. With such practice, it makes you “lighter” on your feet.

4) Enhances Bone Density and Heart Health

The best exercise for improving your bone density is jumping up and down. In addition, skipping rope can increase your lung and heart health if you do it 3 – 5 times a week for 12 – 20 minutes.

5) Makes You Smarter

Jumping rope can also make you smarter. A study shows that jumping helps the development of the right and left hemispheres of the brain, enhancing special awareness, increasing memory, improving reading skills, and making you more mentally alert.

Why You Need Good Jumping Shoes?

Choosing the right jumping shoes is a crucial step in any training journey. The shoes that you choose to jump rope in will have a tremendous impact on your whole activity experience. The wrong pair of shoes will not only makes it difficult for you to keep a good jumping rhythm but also set you up for injuries such as shin splints.

In terms of workouts and training, the best shoes for jumping rope can help:

  • Keep your feet comfortable during your workout
  • Protect your feet from injury during a workout
  • Acts as great shock absorbers when your feet strike the ground
  • Makes you look cool when training

On that note, good shoes should also not force you to change your biomechanics as you work out. Overall, a good pair of jumping shoes should improve your jump rope training experience. They should be able to protect your feet during jumping, both from rope whipping and shock absorption, and they should be comfortable to use.

best shoes for jumping rope

What To Look For in the Best Shoes for Jumping Rope?

So, what makes a good pair of shoes for jumping rope? Here are some of the factors that you should consider.

1) Materials

The basic materials used in the shoes’ design can change how it looks, feels, and functions, particularly if you are going to use them for working out and exercising. A knitted or mesh layer can add breathability but could compromise the shoes’ overall durability.

There are shoes that use mesh in just some area, while others have entirely mesh material on the top section, providing a good amount of ventilation to keep your feet cool. Smooth synthetic and leather materials add a lot of protection from water and bad weather at the cost of having no ventilation unless holes are added. This makes it harder to get rid of water vapor and sweat and making your feet prone to damage and skin irritation. In terms of sole materials, rubber is the most commonly used one. It is further broken down into a few categories such as Gum Rubber for added softness and bounce on the shoes and Crepe Rubber which is excellent for dealing with abrasion. Another sole material used in shoes is EVA.

These are better than rubber, thanks to their excellent shock absorption tech. However, they don’t do well on uneven grounds with rock and other debris wearing it down. There are also synthetic soles that vary from one manufacturer to another. However, most larger companies will have a copyrighted or patented name for the specific material mixture they use.

2) Sole Flexibility

Speaking of soles, you need to choose a pair of shoes that offers superior flexibility, allowing you to jump smoother, so you can stretch your foot to the fullest without feeling caged up. Similarly, your toe cap should also have a flexible top end, allowing for your shoes to have a proper range of motion.

Also, it should not be so malleable as to get stuck in a malformed shape when in use. Remember, with the best shoes for jumping rope, we want good support but the feel of jumping on bare feet.

3) Cushioning / Shock Absorption

Every time you jump, your feet experience a great deal of impact. Thus, you will need to choose a pair of shoes that offers you enough cushioning and shock absorption, so that the amount of force in your body will be reduced, significantly.

Using shoes with shock absorption and proper cushioning absorb the repeated impact of jumping and will not cause the joints to grind against each other, preventing damage and pain. It also helps reduce fatigue in the body, allowing you to exercise more as well as protecting vital areas of your feet such as the toe area, especially If you land on your toes most of the time.

4) Traction/Grip

Another must-have factor for the best shoes for jumping rope is its ability to create some friction, thus providing you with enough traction for your feet in order to have a powerful and clean jump after making contact with all types of surfaces. A better grip or traction should give your feet a good foundation needed to make a big leap.

5) Durability

Going hand in hand with the shoe’s breathability is durability. Both factors depend on the type of materials used for the jumping shoes. Ideally, you need a material that is both breathable but also has superior durability and not prone to wearing out, having holes, or coming apart with just a few days of use.

6) Weight

When it comes to the best shoes for jumping rope, the less weight that you have tacked onto you, the better your jumping. Thus, you avoid the heavyweight and excessively clunky shoes that will make it harder for you to jump. The lightweight shoes should help you better while jumping rope without making you too tired after a few jumps.

The Top 5 Best Shoes For Jumping Rope Review

best shoes for jumping rope

1) New Balance 623v3 Training Shoes

New Balance 890 V7 Running Shoes

New Balance has a long history of producing training shoes. And their attention detail and superior designs make them one of the best shoes for jumping rope. The 623v3 training shoes have a complete leather design, promising superior durability that will last you for many years of training sessions.

Its iconic design has been associated with training for several years and the comfort that it provides makes them suitable for a wide variety of environments. To protect and support your feet as you jump rope, New Balance incorporated their ABZORB cushioning tech in the midfoot of the shoes to offer excellent shock absorption from the constant jumping and bouncing that comes with the activity.

In addition, the QUIX tech also means that jumping rope is now faster than ever with these shoes since it allows you to move freely from side to side. It shall offer you superb comfort in its cool athletic silhouette thanks to its larger absorb heel capsule, EVA footbed, reinforced collar foam, and superior breathability.


  • Stylish and timeless design
  • Padded interior for extra comfort
  • ABZORB tech to protect your feet from repeated jumping impact
  • Durable exterior and breathable materials


  • Stiff synthetic upper
  • Some users complained about poor stitching

2) Reebok Nano 9 Cross Trainer Shoes

best shoes for jumping rope

The Reebok Shoe brand has fully embraced the cross-training trend that has recently arisen, and a new series of their shoes are not designed with the cross trainers in mind. They’ve taken steps to ensure that their shoes are one of the best for cross-training, and they did succeed with the Nano 9, offering you everything you need and nothing you don’t in a CrossFit and rope jumping shoe.

It features a lightweight upper that allows as much ventilation as possible so that your feet stay cool and less sweaty. Meanwhile, the rigid lower sections promise the maximum amount of support and protection for your feet when in action. Then there’s also the support cage with a built-in frame providing rope jumpers with the added confidence and stability knowing that their shoes will completely support their activities in any situation.

In terms of cushioning, the bottom cushion is mixed with a rigid sole in order to offer the ultimate shock-absorbing combination for intense jumping. Also, these shoes are super lightweight, so you can jump higher and better.


  • Designed with cross-training in mind
  • Breathable mesh uppers for ventilation and comfort
  • Interior support
  • Reinforced sole for shock absorption
  • Superior stability
  • Wide toe box for powerful movement and comfortable fit


  • Not suitable for flat feet

3) New Balance FuelCore Nergize V1 Training Shoes

best shoes for jumping rope

The new athleisure trend that’s combining design and style with athletic performance is now taking the world by storm. New Balance jumped the bandwagon and introduced their all-new FuelCore Nergize V1 training shoes, creating the perfect blend between performance and style. These shoes offer all the comfort and benefits of an everyday sneaker with the protection and performance of an athletic shoe, offering wearers a sense of confidence knowing that they can take on whatever’s thrown at them.

It features a lightweight design that makes it comfortable and effective to wear during your workouts and rather easy to slip on and off. The shoes also have Memory Sole technology on its Comfort Inserts, allowing the shoes to mold to your unique foot shape for added comfort and protection. Meanwhile, the REVlite midsole brings plenty of bounce for your rope jumping while also ensuring that you land with enough protection and grace with every jump you make. Its breathable mesh material allows for superior ventilation and prevents stinky feet due to excessive sweating.


  • Available in various colors and design
  • Easy to wear and designed for ultimate comfort
  • Uses memory sole tech to provide a custom fit on the inside
  • REVlite midsole offers bounce and excellent shock absorption
  • Breathable mesh material


  • No support on the side of the shoe

4) NOBULL Training Shoes

NOBULL Training Shoes for jumping rope

NOBULL may be a new brand looking to make a name in the cross-training shoe industry, however, with its exciting offering of training shoes is now already very promising. NOBULL aims to offer cross-trainers from everywhere in the world with everything they need in training shoes without all the useless things.

This pair of training shoes boast a unique one-piece upper construction that promises extreme durability as well as breathable and abrasion-resistant fabric material made out of SuperFabric. Then, there’s the high carbon constructed guard on its medial and lateral sidewall. This means that the shoes offer a concrete structure that will not get flimsy or weak over time.

With high versatility and adaptability, these training shoes can go from climbing walls to the intense jumping rope with ease. Meanwhile, the unique bottom pattern of these shoes offers superior grip and traction on a surface. Also, the rubber construction of the shoes gives you enough flexibility when jumping without sacrificing protection and safety. Lastly, being lightweight, these training shoes promise more efficient and faster jumping on ropes.


  • Single-piece upper for added durability
  • Protective and durable lower construction
  • Available in stylish and unique color options
  • Highly flexible mesh base layer
  • Outsole lug pattern for a multi-environment usage


  • Some users complained about the thick upper material that causes a lack of flexibility

5) Nike Free X Metcon 2 Cross Training Shoes

Nike Free X Metcon 2 Cross Training Shoes

Last on our list is the well-known shoe brand— Nike. Nike has been producing some of the ultimate premier athletic shoes for years now, with each generation offering better features and efficiency than the last. And with the Nike Free X Metcon 2, you can literally free yourself and feel secure and comfortable each time you jump, run or climb! These training sneakers feature a low-profile and supportive silhouette for your CrossFit training.

It features breathable mesh uppers as well as abrasion-resistant rubber support on its side for the ultimate comfort and ventilation when doing an intense workout. Then, there’s the lace-up adjustability with its Flywire cables offering you a locked-down fit. It also has a bootie construction with the pull-tab at the back for a sock-like fit and feel.

The Metcon 2 features a midfoot cage that locks your feet in place while still allowing for an unrestricted movement. The cushioned insole as well as the foam midsole featuring a firm carrier offers you superior support and stability when doing weightlifting or jumping rope.

Meanwhile, the high rubber sidewalls help resist abrasion whenever jumping rope while the rubber outsoles with the deep grooves ensure superior grip and traction on any surface. Aside from its high functionality, these training shoes from Nike are very stylish with various colors to choose from. On top of that, the Nike swoosh definitely glows in the dark, so they really look fantastic!


  • Provides superior lateral support
  • Mesh uppers for breathability
  • Stable enough for weightlifting and jumping rope
  • Flywire cables support the feet and keep it locked in place
  • Lightweight
  • Superior cushioning and shock absorption
  • Cool designs and styles


  • Can be squeaky
  • Quality could be better

Frequently Asked Questions

best shoes for jumping rope

Q: Do I really need to wear shoes when jumping rope? Why?

A: Yes. It is most recommended that you wear the best shoes for jumping rope. While you can jump ropes on barefoot, the repeated impact of jumping could damage your joints and cause problems in your feet. The best shoes for jumping rope should be able to give you support and protecting your feet from this repeated impact.

Q: Can I use my running shoes for jumping rope?

A: Running shoes are specifically designed for heel-to-toe motions and to absorb shocks while you run. Thus, they include thick cushioning and are not that flexible, so they are not really suitable for jumping ropes. However, if you are only jumping rope occasionally and not for long and intense intervals, then you could wear your running shoes. Just be careful not to wear out its cushioning.

Q: Is it bad to jump rope on concrete floors?

A: Yes. Jumping rope on hard surfaces such as concrete can increase your rope speed, however, doing so repeatedly can injure your joints. If your only option is to jump on concrete floors, then you need to reduce the intensity of your training and focus more on your techniques.

Q: Can I jump rope on my yoga mat?

A: Jumping rope on soft surfaces such as a yoga mat is okay, however, it is not always ideal. If the yoga mat is too small and does not really add any protection, then it is just getting in the way and adding another thing to slip on as you jump.

Q: Is it okay if a jump rope every day?

A: Jumping rope is a great physical activity for those looking for a quick workout. If you’re only going to jump rope for at least 10 minutes a day, then yes, it is generally, okay to do it every day.

Q: My feet hurt when I jump rope. Why?

A: There could be an underlying issue with your muscles and tendons of your lower feet. Or you could be using the wrong pair of shoes that does not offer you enough protection against the shock of jumping repeatedly. If your feet hurt when your jump rope, then we recommend that you stop and assess the situation.

Q: How long do I need to jump tope to equal a mile?

A: a 10-minute jump rope can be considered as equal to an 8 minutes mile.


No one can deny the importance of the best shoes for jumping rope for your own safety and the efficiency of your exercise. If you’re looking for a new pair of shoes for your jumping rope routine, we recommend the above-listed best shoes for jumping rope. They are guaranteed to offer you maximum comfort and support as well as promising durability and longevity.

We hope you find this article helpful. Don’t forget to share it with your friends and family.

Have a nice jumping day!

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