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Most Efficient Home Heating System

During the winter season, you should consider heating your home in order to keep you and your family warm and safe, especially in the regions that temperature drops below freezing. Heating expenses not taken care of can consume more than half of your energy budget, hence energy efficiency is very important in reducing expenses at your home. Down below we have provided you with the most efficient home heating system that you can use during winter.

There are many options to choose from in case you want a new heating model in your place. You should make sure that the heating model you want to purchase for your home is energy efficient and the cost of operating the system is low so as to keep your place comfortable and warm for the years to come.

Searching for the Most Efficient Home Heating System

Heat pumps

For all of those that are seeking to purchase the best heating model out there, we recommend that you go for the heat pumps. The heat pumps tend to trap heat and move it throughout your house. You can remove it during the summer in order to provide cooling options and bringing back heat in your place for warming purposes during winter. 

Heat pumps are very efficient as they tend to produce a lot of energy as opposed to the electricity powering them. Heat pumps tend to be a good option for moderate climates.

Heat pumps tend to be environmentally friendly. Due to their very high efficiency, they tend to use very little electricity but still provide the user with extra warmth. Heat pumps do not generate heat by burning fossil fuels, hence this shows that they don’t produce exhaust gases of which is not good for the surrounding environment. 

It is very safe and easy to operate as no harmful gases that include carbon monoxide are produced.


This is one of the most efficient heating system that you should consider purchasing at your home. Furnaces tend to be very common in many homesteads nowadays, with almost more than sixty percent of homes in America, have furnaces. 

The older type of furnaces is not that efficient as opposed to the modern type of furnaces that have new features and technologies which boost the efficiency to high levels. The common furnace types are:

  •  Gas furnace

They tend to light by using natural gas. The natural gas type of furnaces are widely spread and the most common type out. Gas is often supplied by the use of supply pipes installed at your place by the local companies. 

The gas lines are not usually found in remote rural regions. It cost very little to operate the natural gas type of furnace as opposed to the air source type of heat pump, although the heating efficiency of the furnace is slightly lower, as natural gas over the recent years had become very cheap.

  • Oil furnace

They tend to burn oil in order to generate heat. Oil is usually provided by a supplier that delivers the oil in bulk, stored in an oil tank. In order to ensure that the oil is enough and doesn’t finish, you should be in a good position to monitor the fuel supply regularly. The other oil furnace types including propane and heating oil tend to be fairly expensive.

  • Electricity furnace

They tend to provide warmth using electricity of which powers the heating coils to generate heat. As fuel is not burned, no carbon monoxide or exhaust gases are produced of which could pose problems at your place. 

As opposed to gas furnaces, they tend to be very costly to operate as you are well aware that electricity has a higher cost as compared to natural gas. Unlike the heat pumps, the furnace’s efficiency can’t surpass 100 percent.

Before you choose the most efficient home heating system, you should be able to check the AFUE or rather the Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency rating. It indicates your furnace’s efficiency. It shows the amount of fuel energy generated into heat and the amount that can be wasted.


These are among the most efficient home heating systems that you should consider installing. Boilers are not that common as opposed to furnaces and heat pumps. The boilers present at your place, tend to generate hot water, that is circulated through the radiators and pipes at your place. 

You can also rate your boiler by use of the AFUE digits. It is very possible to find boilers that are very efficient with 90% AFUE ratings.

Boilers can reach an AFUE rating of more than 90 percent, hence they are very efficient heating models. They generally have two heat exchangers that extract heat generated from the exhaust gases as they are vented outside. Through this process, they tend to recover some heat that could be lost through the ventilation and exhaust process.

Efficiency-boosting Factors

You can further improve the indoor equipment and comfort performance by adhering to the factors that we have discussed down below so as to improve the efficiency of your HVAC model.

  1. Airtightness and sealing

You should be in a good position to seal any gaps, cracks, or holes where the heated air at your place could escape or allow cold air to get in. In order to seal the openings and ensure that they are airtight, you could use caulking together with the required materials for the task.

  1. Ductwork

In case there are leaks present in your ductwork system, this could lead to money, energy, and heat loss. You should be in a good position to ensure that all the duct sections are in good condition and fit well together. 

You should seal the connections using metal-backed tapes and metal screws in order to avoid air loss. You should ensure that you do not forget to insulate the ducts in order to prevent heat loss.

  1. Controls

The control systems that include smart and programmable thermostats ensure that you have improved options that make it easy to control your most efficient home heating system present at your place. 

We recommend that you lower the heating effects when your place is empty. You can do this by adjusting the thermostat to increase heating automatically when you and your family come back to the house.

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