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Why Does My Furnace Keep Shutting Off?

Sometimes your furnace leaves you feeling cold again almost immediately after you turn it on. It is quite a major problem that is both annoying and devastating at times especially when the furnace is desperately needed. Why does my furnace keep shutting off? This post provides all your answers.

This one should be fixed before you can use the furnace again. Sometimes, this problem can be persistent if you don’t have it checked.  This is a problem that is usually referred to as short cycling. 

Apart from just being annoying, this can also escalate your bills to very high levels and it might end up being so expensive. So, why does my furnace keep shutting off? And is there a way that it can be resolved? Let’s find out.

Common Issues That Cause the Furnace to Keep Shutting Off?

  • A faulty thermostat

When your thermostat is faulty, you will have it shut down the whole system. Make sure it is set at the right temperature and to Heat mode as well. When for example the thermostat is set to a very low temperature, you might end up having it shut off. 

The first thing to do is to set the thermostat if it was not set properly. If you do that and you see no change, you can then go to other components.

  • Dirty air filters

The air filters are what make sure we have clean air in the house. Now in the process, the air filters might have accumulated a lot of dust particles alongside other debris that comes out of the filtration system. 

With this, there is bound to be a build-up of heat inside the furnace surrounding which will make it very difficult for air exchange to keep the furnace running. When there is an excessive build-up of hot air around the furnace, the system automatically shuts off for safety purposes to avoid blowing up.

  • A corroded flame sensor

When the flame sensors are corroded, they can be unable to detect any flames and that might end up being devastating. In the case of normal shutting off, it is a security alert to get you safely from the build-up of gases that are harmful and cause other tragic experiences if not managed. 

So, when it is corroded, there is a reason to have it going off every time since no flames will be produced. The flame sensors should be clean enough to let the gas through in order for us to have the flames burning.

  • Faulty igniters

Fault igniters are part of what can make the furnace keep shutting off. When the igniters are faulty, the flames cannot be produced, and in turn, you cannot have flame sensors sensing any flames. So this is will prompt the furnace to stop working until there has been someone to clear the problem and get it running again.

  •  Faulty controls

Some controls on the furnace are automated while others are manual. Now, in most cases, the automated controls might become faulty and they will lead the furnace to operate improperly. 

They may detect the wrong temperature or react wrongly to the temperature they detect. This might need replacement if some units in case there is a huge problem or just some small repairs to get it running again.

  • The furnace is too big

When the furnace is too huge for your available space, it gets the house heated very fast. In some minutes, the whole house would usually have been heated up and it is already cooling. As soon as the furnace has heated up your space, the thermostat would detect that and this will lead the furnace to shut down.

  • A clogged vent

The vent is the main exhaust channel. It basically cleans up the air within the furnace. When it is clogged, the furnace is most likely to accumulate a lot of heat which will prompt the system to shut down to avoid blowing up. The vent should be clean at all times to make sure there is sufficient airflow.

What to Do When Your Furnace Keeps Shutting Off

The furnace is the most useful device in your heating process. It should therefore be working at all times and it should always be clean enough. Sometimes you just realize that it has started going off every time your turn it on. 

This is probably a problem with one of the above parts. So what are we supposed to do? Most of the above parts are critical sections of the furnace system. Some of them are not easy to handle by yourself if maybe you have never done it before. 

This is why you should always call in a professional to check up on your system, determine the problem and maybe try resolving it. Some might need replacements and they cannot work before they are replaced. That’s why it is specifically important to get the system worked on.

Some problems cannot be there when we do regular cleaning and furnace tune-up. In this case, regular can be once every year. Make sure that the furnace had undergone those routine maintenance processes to keep away such problems.  They keep it up and running since most parts that can cause it to shut off often are usually clean now.

Why Does My Furnace Keep Shutting Off – Conclusion

It is common to hear someone ask, ” Why does my furnace keep shutting off? ” Because the furnaces get down sometimes or sometimes we buy too big furnaces. All those problems we have highlighted above can substantially change the normal functioning of the whole system. That is why we need to make sure that the whole system is sufficiently functioning. 

However, many of the system problems can be regular servicing in terms of cleaning and furnace tune-up.  Those would keep the system up and running. The main reason why your furnace would keep shutting down is mainly because some parts are malfunctioning or there is a small space to heat which makes the work a small one. 

So they would heat it up quickly and get off until there is a need to start again. Always make sure you go for the right furnace size and that you have it maintained regularly to keep it working.

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