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How to Talk to Your Parents about Getting a Living TrustThough we all lead different lives, one thing is for certain: we all die at some point. Despite this certainty, talking about...What Are The Points of Failure In a Living Trust?There are plenty of advantages to using a living trust as a significant piece of your overall estate plan. In fact, any Orang...4 Tips to Fund Your Living TrustWhile there are plenty of options to properly plan your estate, living trusts are becoming more popular every day. Your Orang...Why You Need an Attorney to Help When You Become the Successor TrusteeA successor trustee plays a critical role in the estate planning process by carrying out the wishes of the deceased. As the o...Estate Planning in the Digital AgeBetween smartphones and computers, the rise of the internet, and digital platforms such as social media and email, much of ou...noteDo You Need An Estate Planning Attorney To Create Your Will?Everybody must possess a will. That is a straightforward fact. If you have little ones or possess any possessions in any way,...4 Reasons a Will is ContestedWhen someone creates their will with an experienced Orange County estate planning attorney , it can be difficult to contest. ...7 Reasons You Need an Estate Plan in Orange County CAArticle Source : Planning in Orange County - 4 Types of Wills and Their UsesAn Orange County estate planning lawyer can help you understand the right will for you. Learn more about these four main type...noteParker Law OfficesTop-rated Estate Planning Lawyer in Laguna Niguel, CA to help you dealing with disability issues, writing a will, setting up ...