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FHA Loan Los Angeles

FHA Loan Los Angeles

Locating the perfect FHA loan Los Angeles has to offer can be easy with the help of Shannon Christenot and her team. For professional advice from an expert mortgage broker, you shouldn’t delay in reaching out. If you are interested in learning more about FHA loans and how they can benefit you, our team can help. FHA loans are insured loans secured by the Federal Housing Administration. Shannon Christenot has a long history of working with lenders and FHA loans. Discussing your options is a smart move to make for your future. Give us a call or an email today to get started with the process.

Shannon Christenot
700 Flower St #1000, Los Angeles, CA 90017
(818) 601-2231
Hours: Monday-Satuday 9am-5pm
Sunday: CLOSED

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