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New York City SMP hair tattoo https://gerowhair...

New York City SMP hair tattoo

New York City SMP hair tattoo

Some hereditary factors such as baldness is not easy to accept since it causes discomfort. One may not be free to associate with others most so in cases of females. Things such as hairdressing may not look attractive on a bald head and may lead to embarrassing moments. In New York City, SMP hair tattoo services are done by several companies but at Gerow Hair Ink we believe that we are the best in offering these services. Our company is licensed and we treat our customers with utmost care they deserve. We have a team of experts who will advise you on the best design according to the shape of your head. Call us today on (866) 964-3769.

Gerow Hair Ink
144 W 37th St #5 A, New York, NY 10018
(866) 964-3769
Store Hours: Monday-Saturday : 10am - 7pm
Sunday : 11am - 6pm

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