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Lorelei Web
SEO in 2021: 7 Important Elements To Score WithWhat will 2021 bring for Search and SEO? With the Core Web Vitals’ announcement and the further development of artificial int...Programmatic Advertising: The Future For Online MarketersProgrammatic advertising is not new in the Netherlands, but why do so few marketers know exactly what it entails? We can quic...Content Tip: Make Predictions (that no one checks)Guest post by Olaf Rieger It’s December. And that means that the media is again full of lists and predictions for the coming ...How to Create an E-commerce Store that Makes Sales?You need a way for customers to buy your products or services to do business online. But instead of only concentrating on the...WordPress vs. Drupal vs. JoomlaWhat is the difference between Drupal, Joomla, and WordPress? And which open source CMS is best for you and your organization...Inbound Marketing VS. Digital MarketingInbound marketing vs. digital marketing can be easily mixed up, and with good reason. Digital marketing uses many the same re...How to Stop Attracting People Who Cant Afford Your ServicesThere’s nothing worse for an entrepreneur than to make all the efforts to create a service and a marketing campaign, just to ...Is your marketing plan for 2021 ready yet?Q4 is coming to an end, and, frankly, 2021 cannot come soon enough for many organizations. A new year means new opportunities...10 SEO Principles Every Web Designer Needs to KnowSEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a vital but frequently frustrating and time-consuming method for those prepared to bui...5 Powerful Digital Marketing Hacks to Double SalesDigital marketing is the most productive way to meet your target audience, drive targeted traffic to your website, generate q...6 Ways to Future-Proof Your Business with LinkedIn MarketingBusiness leaders have capitalized on digital marketing since the early 1990s. Still, the current level of recognition of onli...3 SEO Hacks for Writers Who Hate SEOOk, I’m not that much of an SEO expert. But since it’s a subject that I wasn’t interested in at first, I have three practical...Instagram update: Shopping Reels & Guides Trend in 2021Do you already have it, the new Instagram update? Getting used to, huh? Even I, as a so-called ‘Instagram expert,’ still have...The Inevitable Social Media Trends of 2021Now that the year 2020 is slowly coming to an end, of course, I will not tire you with all the trends of the 2020.. Article S...Disavowing Links: SEO Guide & First-Aid AdviceDisavowing links is a big issue. Every content marketer wants high-quality inbound links to their site. These backlinks will ...How to Start a Blog?How to Start a Blog, really? Have you been planning to start a blog for some time now, but don’t know where to begin? This.. ...Creative Content? Dont Ignore These 7 RulesWe want to make creative content, at least I assume that for the sake of convenience. Yet we often let ourselves be limited b...Where To Download Copyright-Free Photos?Besides having good text, adding good images is an important factor in how well your web page performs. Photos increase your ...