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Real physician Reacts The nba edition

The Real Physician Reacts series is back and we’re discussing Jonathan Isaac, an NBA forward who discusses his vaccine hesitancy including a fear of persecution that he has received. While it’s important for people like him to voice their concerns about vaccines in order to reduce risk or potential harm associated with this decision; what they believe should not stop others from getting vaccinated if all other aspects match up perfectly according doctors’ recommendations.

The NBA’s vaccination rate is over 90%, so it doesn’t seem like they’re doing a terrible job. However, don’t compare them with the WNBA which has 99% compliance. It’s the small group who aren’t vaccinated who continue to be the loudest and continue spreading false information that forces professionals in healthcare to keep working tirelessly on getting factual truths out there. 

Feel free to catch the next episode in the series live on Thursday’s at 9pm eastern standard time on my youtube channel

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