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Hope and Optimism during times of crisis

Hope and optimism during times of crisis with
Dr. Cindy Duke

On this episode of Medicine Mondays we have Dr. Cindy Duke, a board certified fertility expert and virologist who stops by the Lunch and Learn Community to discuss the effects covid-19 has had over us during this pandemic. We will get to learn about her motivation for pursuing the dual MD/PHD degree , and how she has been able to use both fields to her advantage during this time. Dr. Cindy also talks about the importance of health care professionals getting into social media to combat the amount of disinformation around. 

Dr. Cindy M. Duke MD PhD FACOG, America’s only dual Fertility Expert & Virologist, is a highly accomplished Johns Hopkins and Yale trained physician, scientist, entrepreneur, blogger, podcaster, motivational speaker, philanthropist, content creator and influencer who speaks and writes about issues as they relate to life, health, fertility, female empowerment and international telemedicine.


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