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Real Physician Reacts Kevin Stillwagon

On this episode of Real Physician Reacts we have Kevin Stillwagon, D.C, a local chiropractor who decides to take over a local school board meeting and fill it with lies about the vaccine & covid-19 itself. He follows the typical playbook of prior anti-vaxxers like Dr. Sean Brooks & Dr. Dan Stock. Listen as we watch together as he is spewing lies for almost 3 mins about the covid vaccine, side effects and more.

On of the many issues that I touched on last night from the amount of lies from  Dr. Stillwagon included

  • Can mask cause low oxygen(hypoxia)
  • How do the vaccines work 
  • Who is actually causing the viral variants
  • Why the unvaccinated are filling up the hospitals
  • What vaccine is FDA approved

Feel free to catch the next episode in the series live on Thursday’s at 9pm eastern standard time on my youtube channel

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