To keep things easy and efficient for you, we’ve provided helpful templates for all your different needs—from marketing plans to HR tracking. The templates are completely customizable and can be used to organize all your projects, meetings, goals, strategies, and more.

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Team Planner
When working in a group, it's important that everyone has a clear idea of what is happening. We've created this template so you can coordinate plans with your members.
My Plans for the Week Ahead 📃
If you’ve got a busy week packed with events, deadlines, appointments, calls, and meetings, then check out this template. Fill out this weekly planner so you can organize your responsibilities.
Project Planning
With this template, you can strategize your project and figure out its scope and milestones. Lay out the most important information for your work so you can carry out your plans easily.
Daily Planner
With the Daily Planner template you will get highly performance daily action planner for productivity, happiness and time management. It will assist you to reduce your stress and anxiety, line up your goals and balance your life.
Website Design Brief
This design brief template can help guide your entire website design process. By including detailed information, you can make sure you have all your bases covered before embarking on your new website designs.
Daily to do list
When you’re faced with multiple tasks, deadlines, and responsibilities, managing everything can be overwhelming and stressful. Reduce the clutter by using this daily to-do list template. This template gives you a framework for creating a structured daily schedule.
Campaign Management
Launching a marketing campaign can involve several different steps, from conception to execution. This campaign management template helps you plan each part of the process.
Get it Done!
Add structure to your tasks by using this template for planning your duties and responsibilities. In this template, there are tables to categorize your tasks. Organize each responsibility based on when it should be completed—whether today, during the evening, or tomorrow.
Personal CRM
Grow your network and stay in touch with friends and family with this personal CRM template. Don’t rely on just memory to stay in touch with others. Use a concrete system for keeping up with meetings, calls, and contact information.
Product Wiki
Use this product wiki to document all aspects of your product. Include essential guides and procedures. Share with your team so that everyone has access to the same information. Use one document to make collaboration easy and convenient.
Lean Canvas
Our lean canvas template was made to help you focus on your business plan. Construct a comprehensive blueprint for your business by thinking about problems, solutions, advantages, and unique value propositions.
Kanban template
With the help of the Kanban template, you can visualize your workflow with your team. The template consists of 4 columns: To-Do, In Progress, Done, and Need Information. Divide your workflow into these categories to optimize it and make it more efficient. You will also be able to move tasks as you complete them.
Money-Saving Template
Saving money is a common goal for most people. Although this might seem daunting, it can be made easier with some simple planning. Use this template to make a thorough budget and track your income and expenses.
Project Tasks and Schedules
To manage your schedule and stay on top of deadlines, try out this template which features a table for marking due dates and adding helpful attachments.
Grocery list 🛒
When you go to the grocery store, it’s easy to forget which items you’re looking for. With so many products to browse, you might also end up buying unnecessary items.
Daily Intention Tracker
This daily intention tracker can help you start your day on the right foot. Before you begin your day, fill out this template and list your goals.
Technical docs
Store your technical documents by using this template. You can access this document from any device with Nimbus Note. Share it with your team so everyone can conveniently access the same information.
Creative Brief
By taking notes ahead of time, you can draft a creative brief to communicate just the right message for your brand. Use this template to guide your work and lay out the foundation for your ideas.
Course Homepage
In this homepage template, you can include all essential course information, for example the syllabus, schedule, and new announcements. Give access to your students so they can get caught up on real-time updates.
Habit tracker
Forming new, healthy habits takes some time. Whether you want to exercise more, sleep earlier, or use your phone less, this habit tracker is perfect for keeping track of new activities or patterns. Use the table to check your habits each day of the month.
Engineering Wiki
This engineering wiki works like a knowledge base for all your important information. Include essential documents for your team in one location.
Blog Post Template
Blog posts can be fully created on Nimbus Note. With this template, you can lay out all parts of the post—pictures, headers, and text.
Marketing Persona
Make sure your marketing campaigns are personalized to your target audience by using marketing personas. We've created this easy-to-use template so you can know your customers better and address their needs.
Cornell notes
Finding information on a plain document or processor can be frustrating. Make sure your class notes are organized and tidy by using our notes template.
Sales Pipeline Table
Use this table as a database for your sales pipelines. Organize all your leads in one place and include essential information about your proposed deals.
Digital Asset Management
Store all your digital assets in one place with our asset management template. Whether you’re a student, designer, or entrepreneur, you can attach PDFs, audio files, videos, and images onto this template.
Reading List 📚
Get ready for reading time! Make a list of all the books you want to read. For each title, add dates and ratings. Update your progress and watch your list grow!
Daily Review
Introducing daily planning with this Daily Review template into your routine is an easy but essential step. Create balance in your life - plan your day, follow your tasks, set daily goals and priorities. Use the template to review your day in the evening and plan the next day more effectively.
To-Do for Engineers
With this color-coded and completely customizable to-do list, you can keep track of your whole team's tasks. Everyone can collaborate together and brainstorm new steps to take. Stay on top of your deadlines by color-coding urgent or important items.
Today's plan
If you’ve got plenty of tasks, responsibilities, and events in one single day, it can help to use a planner to organize everything. Plan out your day so you don’t scramble to get everything done at the last minute.
Online Courses Schedule 🎓
With the help of this template, you can create and organize a list of online courses. Use it to prioritize and schedule your classes. Track your progress, and add notes.
Year Goals
Goal setting takes a considerable amount of thought, planning, and self-awareness. Without this, your goals won't be clear, measurable or likely achievable. Use Year Goals template to set your goals for the whole year. Check the list from time to time and edit your plan if needed.
Event Brief
By using an event planning brief, you can outline major elements of your client's event—including the venue, look and feel, and atmosphere. You can use this template to gather ideas and outline your client's goals and objectives.
Persona Template
This template allows you to lay out vital information about your target personas. By capturing the desires and pain points of your intended audience, your team can design with their needs in mind.
Project Tracker
In group projects, everyone has a part to complete. To keep up with your members' tasks, fill out the following template.
Design Brief
Using a design brief can help you guide your projects and organize your ideas. This template allows you to plan out your designs. Share the template with your clients so you can brainstorm together.
Password Login template
We all know how important it is to use strong passwords and constantly update them—not to mention creating unique passwords for different sites. But how do you remember it all? Use our template—it's very convenient and simple. Download and see for yourself!
Social Media Calendar
Managing social media requires strong organizational skills. Instead of relying on different spreadsheets, use our social media calendar to track your work in one place. Use our calendar to schedule all of your posts.
Daily Review Page
This Daily Review Page template allows you to plan a single day by the hour, add morning reflection, to-do list, self-affirmation and end of the day reflections. Keep your day organized and plan ahead for important meetings, events and deadlines. Use it daily to plan and review your action and thoughts.
2020 Annual Calendar
This annual calendar template can help you organize your whole year in a visually appealing table. Label important dates and events that you don’t want to forget.
Blog Editorial Calendar
Editorial calendars can help you brainstorm ideas, analyze results, and track article output. This manageable template can help you keep tabs on deadlines.
Content Marketing Management
Keep your marketing strategies efficient with this content management template. Use this template to track performance, come up with new ideas, and create the right content for your brand and audience.
Meeting notes template
Keep track of meetings and minutes with this easy-to-use template. Organize topics to discuss so you can easily solve problems with your team.
Weekly Review
With this weekly review template, you can reflect on your last seven days. Using this review regularly, you can clear your mind of clutter and start the next week feeling fresh.
Project Overview template
The project overview template will help you collect all your details in a single sheet where you can see the entire process of your work. This will allow you to quickly and efficiently perform and control tasks.
Bill payments checklist
If you have several bills to pay, it’s easy to lose track as you go through the month. To avoid missing payments and suffering extra fees, check out this bill payments template. It includes a fully functional table for tracking your fees.
Daily Pages
This template will assist you to organize each day by planning, using tasks lists and structuring to focus on the main priorities. Be productive by using this template every day.
Character Profile
By mapping out your character's background and traits, you can create a vivid profile and bring them to life. Stories involve complex characters with unique backstories, motivations, and personalities. We've created this template to help guide your writing.
User Experience Testing
Use this template to keep track of your user experience tests. Brainstorm solutions with your team and create actionable steps to make your product more efficient.
Decision Log
Many different factors go into decision-making. With this decision log, document important choices and options, and share them with others.
Brand Guidelines
Guidelines are essential to ensuring brand designs stay consistent and effective. Make sure all your creative elements are aligned by utilizing this template that we’ve included in our library just for you.
Project Planning Template
To get your projects running smoothly, start with a steady plan or outline. With this template, you can track your progress, record deadlines, and explain the intended range of your work.
Daily Planner
We are all too busy and the challenge of staying organized and on a schedule is becoming counter-productive. Use this daily planner template to organize your whole day agenda in one place and stay focused every day.
Weekly Review
Weekly Review Template is your assistant in planning and summarizing the week. Use habit tracker as well to stick with a habit for good. Think about takeaways you get at the end of the week.
Life Balance
Life balance is the state of equilibrium where a person equally prioritizes the demands of one's career and the demands of one's personal life. Use this template to reach your life balance by tracking each aspect of your life and rating the results.
Weekly Action Plan
With the Weekly Action Plan template in your productivity template gallery, you can make more time for you. Use this template to plan your week in advance to stop wasting time and stay on top of your to-dos and commitments.
Personal CRM
This personal CRM template makes it easier for you to communicate with your family, friends, colleagues, or clients. Never forget important phone numbers, emails, or social media accounts.
Annual Goals
Set powerful goals for the whole year so you can start the process for achieving them. To accomplish our goals we must distill our dreams into daily actions. Start with the filling in this template.
Planning Blog Post
When writing articles, it can help to strategize goals and objectives for the post. With this template, you can note important keywords, list goals, and brainstorm ideas.
Four Quadrants of Time Management
Managing time efficiently is necessary for working productively. Avoid procrastinating and working on the wrong tasks by using our time management template. This template features four tables for organizing time.
Sales Script
Sales calls and pitches can be daunting without prior planning or structuring. Instead of walking into a call without a plan, try out our sales script template to come up with exactly what to say.
Financial Tracking
Managing money, sticking to a budget can be easier with this Financial Tracking template. Track you income and expenses daily and then use the data to track monthly finances and set the goals for the next month.
Income & Expenses
To help you track your spending, we’ve provided this useful expenses template. Use it to add up your income and expenses so you can figure out how much you’re saving.
Personal Mission Statement
Use this template to state a short motto that will guide every decision you make. It should be considered as a “reason to be.” Many experts think personal mission statement can turn someone from a “rudderless ship” into a goal-focused success.
OKR Planning
Carrying out goals is easier with a plan. To create structure in your endeavors, use Objectives and Key Results (OKRs).
Sprint Plans
When managing timelines for projects, it can be easy to feel swamped with multiple tasks and deadlines. If your team wants to structure everything in one place, then take a look at our sprint plans template.
My Plans for the Week Ahead (Vertical)
The start of a new week can be anxiety-inducing. Thinking ahead to upcoming deadlines, tasks, and assignments can make you feel worried about what’s on your plate. That’s why we’ve included this template for mapping out your plans.
Tracking Goals
Make sure your employees are informed about vital policies and procedures by using this template. Instead of handing out stacks of papers that will be left forgotten, use this template to add attachments and links to handbooks, guidelines, policies, and procedures.
Expense Tracker
Budgeting is essential when it comes to managing finances. Make sure you reach your savings goals by keeping an eye on where your money is going. Try out our expense tracker template to stop losing sight of your expenses and bills.
Docs for Engineers
If your engineering team has many different documents, use this template to organize it all! Label everything you need and keep everything in one place.
Project Plan Template
Planning effectively can help you work more efficiently and effectively towards your project's goals. This project planning template allows you to define your purpose and objectives.
Project Details
With this project planning template, you can organize all your key steps in one place. Define your project and specific tasks to complete.
Weekly Habit tracker + Scores
Incorporating new habits into your day can be challenging. How many times have you made new goals without following up with them? It takes time and discipline to form new patterns.
Monthly Review
The Monthly Review Template will help you achieve monthly goals step by step. Use calendar to plan your month - stay focused and goal-oriented. Dream big - work hard!
Brainstorming Template 🧠
Brainstorming creates a flow of ideas to solve a problem or question. With this brainstorming template, you can come up with different questions. Share the template with your team, and gather everyone's thoughts.
The Student Database
Use this template to make the students database. Add every student in your class in the database and monitor the needed data in one place. You may also divide students into separate cards if needed to track the statuses of every student.
Goal Detail
Set powerful goals with the goal detail pages so you can start the process for achieving them. Use this template for every single smart goal and achieve the goals easily.
Cornell notes
Bring order to your study strategies by using this course notes template. This template includes individual tables for categorizing and organizing information. Include references, key points, and questions.
Cornell notes
Course notes are a huge part of school and studying. If you have endless pages of notes, managing everything can be a challenge. Instead of taking notes on a blank document, use our template to add structure to the way you record course content.
Project Organization
To make sure your endeavor goes smoothly, record your targets and lay out goals and metrics for success. Use this template to plan your work and tackle potential issues before they arise.
Do you manage multiple accounts and profiles? Don’t rely on your memory alone to remember important passwords and usernames. Use this template to keep track of your information.
Family Budget
If you have several expenses to pay in your household, managing everything can be daunting. Budgeting and keeping track of bills can be a handful if you don’t know where to start—but don’t worry, because we’re here to help. Take a look at our family budget template to get started organizing your payments.
Class Notes
Creating notes for each lesson or class can be time consuming. That's why we've created this template that provides the basic structure for formatting your course or lecture notes. Use the space provided to fill out details and brainstorm the takeaways you want to communicate with your class.
Monthly Mood & Productivity Tracker
If you have a lot on your plate, you might go through different moods throughout the month. Some days might be more productive than others. Tracking your feelings each month can help you keep an eye on your progress and productivity.
🎄 New Year's Resolutions
Start the year off right by making New Year's resolutions. With this helpful template, you can list all the goals you hope to accomplish for the year.
Menu planner
This template is perfect for planning your weekly meals. Whether you’re a student or a busy professional, this template can help you lay out your plans.
You've Got This
If you’re juggling multiple tasks, assignments, projects, and deadlines, then it’s easy to lose track of your work. Laying out everything with structured tables and checklists can help you stay organized so you don’t overlook anything.
My Personal Goals
Using this template, you can define your goals for the year. These can be both personal or professional achievements.
Brainstorm Pros and Cons
When making a decision, listing pros and cons can make the process easier. This template lets you contemplate the advantages and disadvantages of whatever you are contemplating.
Minimalist Weekly Planner
Our minimalist weekly planner features a clean table and to-do list so you can manage your week with ease. Lay out your tasks, responsibilities, deadlines, and events for the week.
Recipe Card
Whether you’re a professional cook or you just enjoy creating meals as a hobby, this template is perfect for recording and organizing your recipes. Easily categorize your recipes and add relevant links.
Workout Records 🏋🏻‍♀️
Use this template for workout records. Monitoring progress is a great way to stay motivated in any health-related project, from working out to losing weight. Save the workout routine by adding descriptions, repetitions, and links to videos and screenshots.
Daily Rituals
The important thing which helps to achieve the goals is consistency. Use this Daily Rituals Template to keep up with simple rituals every day.
A resume template is a blank form you fill with contact information, work experience, skills, and education. The resume should be simple, clear, uncluttered, and easy to read. Simply input your information, and you'll get a ready document to share for your job applications.
Student Information
Teachers can use this template to gather information about students. It helps easily keep track of key information on each student in an organized and easy to understand way.
Event Planning
Utilizing an event planning brief can help ensure you don't miss any important details when hosting a party, celebration, or social gathering. We've created this fully customizable template so you can lay out your ideas.
Movie List 📽
Get ready for movie night! Use this template to create a list of movies you plan to watch. Then give your review for each movie. Share the list with your friends and family.
Daily Planning
If your day is filled with activities, events, and responsibilities, then managing everything can be a massive task. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed or bogged down by deadlines. Using a daily planner can help you organize your day and set the goals you want to achieve.
Project Poster
Create an easy-to-read project poster that outlines your plans. Share your ideas with stakeholders and sponsors and get your whole team on board with one documents. Use this template to solve problems, draw conclusions, and strategize accordingly.
Culture and Values
Every organization has a unique culture and values that guide leadership and decisions, and help retain talent. Check out our culture and values template to get started building the right foundations for your organization.
Daily Schedule
A single day can be packed with multiple events, duties, and deadlines. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by tasks and responsibilities, but don’t worry because we’ve added this daily schedule template to help you keep track of everything.
Weekly Agenda
No matter what team you're on, this template makes it easy to manage projects of any size and complexity.
Marketing Campaign
By carefully planning a marketing campaign, you can ensure each process fits the goals of your team. With this template, you can track each step of the process to make sure you your campaign reaches your clients and customers.
Course Notes Database
Creating course notes ahead of time can help make your lessons more focused and informative. Instead of searching through unorganized documents and notes on your computer, use this database template to manage all your files for easy access later.
Weekly Planner
This handy planner template can help you organize your week. Make sure your week is structured, focused, and productive by creating a schedule.
Marketing Plan
To market your products and services, use an effective plan that brings results. Use this template to plan structured campaigns that help you stand out from the crowd.
IT requests
IT requests can be overwhelming to manage. It’s easy to lose track of tickets and get confused over priority levels. By using a standardized system to track IT requests, you can make sure everything gets solved in an efficient and organized manner.
Class Notes
This template allows you to store notes from different classes into one smart table. Add unlimited notes from other workspace, attach different files, add images, videos, links etc. Access your notes whenever and wherever you need - from every device and even offline.
Digital Budget Planner
Don't forget your expenses and plan the budget to keep your finances history clear. Use this template to calculate your expenses and remember each time you spend money.
Checklist Marketing Plan
With a marketing plan, you can describe your market, customer values, and competitors. A thorough and effective plan can help you concoct the right actions for your campaigns.
Meal planner 🍲
Planning your meals can help simplify your day. Instead of mulling over recipes and making last-minute grocery runs, use this template to lay out your plans. Include three meals for each day, and use our ready-made tables to categorize each dish’s ingredients.
Today's Top Priorities
This template can help you to reduce stress by prioritizing your tasks for the day accordingly to your goals. Write down all the tasks you need to accomplish in particular order, mark your wins, check what is boosting your energy or identify the cause of having an off day.
Project Template
Easily keep track of an individual project with this project planning template. Lay out your purpose and objectives so you can stay on task and work with your goals in mind.
Blog Post Tracking
Creating a blog post involves several steps and stages. To keep track of your writing, use this template, which lists writing steps.
Contacts Page
Store contact information for your friends, family, colleagues, and clients using our handy contacts template. In this template, there are individual tables for listing details and notes.
OKR Organizer
Use this practical organizer to strategize several results for one key objective. List as many measurable results for each objective and create a strategy to get things done.
Plan For Success
Keep your long-term goals in one place. This template can help you to organize the most important goals and have a focus on them during periods of time.
Project Planner
Use a project planner to keep your goals organized. Record your objectives and assign duties to team members.
Simple budget planner
Create a spending plan for your finances by utilizing a budget. This simple budget planner was designed with your needs in mind. Use this template to record your expenses.
Campaign Summary
When planning a marketing campaign, it can be helpful to summarize your essential goals. This campaign summary template lets you lay out the necessities of your campaign.
Product Specs
Using this template, you can create a blueprint for your products. Keep track of all your features in this easy-to-read document.
Pre-Call Strategy Checklist
With this pre-call checklist, you can check off important details to prepare for a call. Using this checklist, you can define your objectives, include important client information, and note pain points to include.
Weekly Preview
Plan the week ahead so you can achieve clarity and confidence over what your priorities should be for the upcoming week. Use this template to plan you goals, actions, tasks, analyze the previous week and be even more productive.
Exercise Log
Using this exercise log, keep track of your workouts and monitor your fitness activity. By keeping tabs on the numbers at the gym, you can set goals to increase the intensity of your workout or set new goals for your running times.
Bank account information
When you’re filling out financial documents, it can be tedious signing into individual bank accounts or rummaging through checks to find routing numbers. To make things simpler for you, we’ve provided this bank information template.
Competitors Analysis 🔎
No matter what team you're on, this template makes it easy to manage projects of any size and complexity. No matter what team you're on, this template makes it easy to manage projects of any size and complexity.
Goals, Signals, and Measures
To plan effectively, you can set goals, identify signals, and build metrics to measure progress. This template helps you stay focused on larger targets for your team.
Competitor Template
To organize information about your competition, use this template. Create a profile of your competitor and list their key features, mission, and capabilities.
Meeting Agenda
This agenda can help you keep track of meetings. You can prepare for meetings by listing items to complete before seeing your team. Share the template with your group to make sure everyone's on the same page.
Meeting notes
This simple meeting notes template allows you to record key points in your team discussions. Use our tables to separate your information based on category.
📆 Calendar 2021 - all months
Plan out your whole year with this calendar template. Use it to remember holidays, birthdays, events, deadlines, and more.
Lesson Plan Database
As a teacher, you might have numerous files on your computer containing your lesson plan notes. With this database template, you can keep all your lesson plans organized in one place.
User Research
When designing a product, it’s important to conduct user research. By seeing how consumers interact with your work, you gain more insight on design elements that will help them. Manage all of your user research data with this user research template that features a fully functioning and customizable table.
Financial Summary
Keep the record of your annual income and expenses. Check your personal assets and liabilities as well as your personal net worth. Track your finances for better planning using this template.
Simple Agenda
With this simple agenda template, you can quickly plan a meeting with your team. Tag other members to bring them up to speed. This agenda is easy to read and can be edited and customized to fit your needs.
Marketing Plan (tables)
Creating a thorough plan for your marketing campaigns is a sure way to ensure success. When launching a marketing campaign, there are many different areas to oversee—deadlines, stakeholders, and different steps and stages. Use our marketing template to lay out each step of the way.
Calendar 2021 - all months
Plan out your whole year with this calendar template. Use it to remember holidays, birthdays, events, deadlines, and more. Add notes for each month, and organize your events for the whole year with ease.
Onboarding Process
Onboarding involves many steps. It can take around three months to get a new employee settled into the company. Make sure you don't miss any essential tasks with this checklist.
Daily Attention and Stamina Tracker
Throughout the day, your attention and energy might go up or down. Use this daily attention and stamina tracker to note how you're feeling.
Account Planning Template
Store important information about the companies you conduct business with. Use this account planning template to document client contacts and account members.
🛠 Portfolio template
This portfolio template is a type of creative resume that lets you easily create a landing page for your skills and work samples in one place. Use this template to organize and showcase your best work, and share them with potential clients.
Daily Planner
If your day is filled with activities, events, and responsibilities, then managing everything can be a massive task. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed or bogged down by deadlines. Using a daily planner can help you organize your day and make sure you don’t forget a thing.
Design System
Images and visual branding should be used consistently throughout your social media and advertisements. Using this template, you can catalog your images and design assets.
User Research
When conducting user research, use this template to track each step. Tag other members to keep track of progress and allow collaborating. The document can be customized to fit your needs.
OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) connect your goals to real metrics. We’ve added this OKR template to our library so you can lay out your objectives and define measurable results
Lesson Plan
Creating lesson plans can be time-consuming. Teaching involves careful organization and time management, and it's essential to lay out important steps. That's why we've created this convenient lesson plan template for your use.
Weekly Weight Tracker
Track your weight and caloric intake each week with this template. Keep the momentum going in your fitness journey by tracking your progress and motivating yourself.
Product Feature Checklist
When creating a product, there might be a long list of features to create. To keep track of your new features and make sure they're ready for launch, use this template.
Week planner
Creating a simple weekly schedule helps you stay organized and plan ahead, and using a pre-formatted template makes it even easier. This weekly planner template helps you keep track of your to-dos, tasks & appointments, and lets you easily organize your personal, school or work schedule.
Project Management
Include your data in this template for your next project. Organize your goals by listing benchmarks for your work.
New Employee Welcome Letter
Adding a new employee onto your team can be exciting, but it also involves a lot of paperwork, training, and onboarding. To make the welcome process easier, check out our employee welcome letter template.
Holidays Calendar 2020-2021 🎉
Keep track of all major holidays and celebrations with this holiday template. Make sure you never forget an important date again. Use the template to plan important events, for example Valentine’s Day dinners or Easter egg hunts.
Quarterly Review
Make personal quarterly review with the help of this template and see how you have been tracking with your goals and intentions. Increase awareness on your goals, on where your resources (i.e. time, energy, money) have been going, identify your behavioral patterns.
Marketing Blog Post
Use this template to create a strategy for your marketing blog post. Draft ideas, specify important keywords, and assign revisions.
One-On-One Meetings
Individual meetings allow you to communicate with employees and get caught up on their projects and tasks. This template helps you create goals and remember important information.
New Employee Onboarding
Joining a new company can be overwhelming for a new hire. With this template, you can give a checklist of items for your new employee. It's an easy way to make sure they have all their tools and resources ready.
Usability Scale
Getting feedback for your web pages and products is essential to improving your product's user experience. Share this template with others to gain insight about how your website is used.
Campaign Plan
No matter what team you're on, this template makes it easy to manage projects of any size and complexity. No matter what team you're on, this template makes it easy to manage projects of any size and complexity.
Personal task or project status Kanban board
A Kanban board is a collaborative workflow or task management tool used in agile project management. Team members add cards or sticky notes to the board to represent the functions or tasks they will be working on during the sprint. This simple Kanban template will get you started creating your own board. It's perfect to use as a starting point to visualize your process with your team.
Meeting notes template
Keep track of meetings and stay on top of your minutes and records. This template helps you log discussions and stay focused.
Habit Tracker
Forming new, healthy habits takes some time and self-organization. That's why we recommend to use this template track your activities during a month and mark the days where you succeeded in developing habit.
Creating an informative syllabus can help your students understand course objectives and expectations. With this template, you can easily create an eye-catching syllabus that lists important information for your students.
Personal Daily Tasks
Use daily work schedule templates to organize and manage your time. Fill these templates to plan your day, make to-do lists, or make sure you complete all of your tasks. Organize your working day and plan important appointments, events, and dates in advance.
Content Drafts
Creating new content for a post, article, or blog requires several different steps. To make sure you don’t get lost along the way, we’ve provided this template to help you plan your content creation.
Lesson Plan
Lesson planning is essential to structured teaching. With this template, you can organize your lessons in advance. Ensure you have enough time for all activities, and track learning goals for your students.
Product Specification Sheet
A product specification sheet helps you define what your product is about. It includes information such as a product's features, capabilities, and appearance. To save you time, we've created this product specification template for you.
Employee Directory 📂
Are you expanding your teams? Do you have new employees entering your organization? Directories are necessary to show exactly who is in your company. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, HR manager, or group leader, this employee directory template is perfect for mapping out your team’s structure.
Yearly Performance Review
Annual performance reviews contribute to an employee's professional development. Reviews also motivate employees and remind them ways to contribute to the company. With this performance evaluation template, reviewers can offer constructive feedback.
Interview Evaluation Questions
Interview evaluations help you assess whether or not a candidate is right for your team. This template allows you to judge candidates on consistent and structured questions and criteria.
Job Search Tracking
Applying to jobs can involve several applications and multiple rounds of interviews. To keep the process structured, make use of this template for important job search information.
Single Project Template
With this template, you can define all the key elements of your project. To complete your project, deliverables need to be identified.
Product Launch Plan
When planning your product launch, it's necessary to get your team on the same page. Use this template to track your support plan, include competitor analyses, note market research, and explain features.
Tracking Objectives and Key Results
Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) help teams define benchmarks. Your team can track progress and stay updated with what's happening by using this handy template.
Debt Payments
The best way to improve your financial situation is by managing your debt. Easily keep track of any debt you have and get it paid off quickly. This template will help you create a debt repayment plan and track the amount and balance of the loans.
Meal Planner
Know what’s for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks with this meal planner template. Eat better using meal planner, forget about last-minute trips for takeout plus reduce waste, since you’ll know what’s in the fridge, waiting to be eaten.
🔆 Morning routine
A morning routine is a set of activities done in the morning, usually before starting major daily activities like going to work or school. Activities can be anything from drinking a glass of water or brushing your teeth, to two-hour workouts or running around the block. This template will help you to remember to complete your required daily activities.
User Story Table
This template allows you to lay out vital information about your target personas. By capturing the desires and pain points of your intended audience, your team can design with their needs in mind.
Weekly Class Progress
With a classroom full of students, it can be hard to keep track of each one. To make sure each student is meeting their objectives, use this weekly progress template. With this template, you can review each student every week.
Weekly Status Report
Use this weekly status report template to review your week and examine your progress. By taking stock of your workload and noting objectives, you can enter the new week prepared and focused.
Agile Retrospective
This template can be used for agile teams to track what worked well for their projects. In addition, record what wasn't effective and include information on what your team learned.
November 2020
November is filled with important dates and events. Don’t miss out on holidays or election day! This template can help you plan your whole month.
Set your financial goals
Make a plan for your long-term financial goals - it is an important step toward becoming financially secure. If you aren’t working toward anything specific, you’re likely to spend more than you should.
Student Tracking
If you have many students to look over, then managing all of their information can be a challenge. This customizable tracking template can help you organize your data about each student.
Budget Planner
Keep track of your income and expenses to make your financial history obvious. With this this template you will not lost or forget none of your expenses.
Invoice Template
Invoices are an important part of doing business. You need to tell your customers how much they need to pay and what they are charged for. Spend less time creating an invoice and more time doing business with the Nimbus Note invoice template.
OKR Template
This OKR template will allow your team to plan and communicate with each other to set and achieve goals. With this collaborative document, the whole group can understand what is expected of each member.
Company policy and procedures templates
With this template, you can define all the key elements of your project. To complete your project, deliverables need to be identified.
Customer Testimonials
Testimonials are a great way to build credibility for your organization. If your have too much information to manage in a plain document alone, then use this template to add structure and clarity to your work.
Job Applicant Tracker
With this applicant tracker template, you can organize potential candidates at your organization. The template includes color-coded columns for each stage of the hiring process so you can set apart your applicants.
Product Launch Checklist
When launching a new product, it's important to make sure you have all your loose ends tied. Make sure you didn't miss a step with this template.
Project Goals
Share this simple and clear template with your project team. Together, come up with objectives for your work.
Simple Event Budget
This simple template is easy to read and simple to use. By planning your expenses, you can make sure you don't overspend. With this budget, you can keep track of your costs.
Employee Performance Review
Work evaluations give employees a better understanding of how they fit within their company's larger objectives. With this template, you can assess an employee on their work achievements and areas of improvement.
December 2020
December is a month full of holidays and celebrations. If you’re preparing for a month of dinners, gatherings, and gift-giving, then check out this template.
Sales Pre-Call Template
Use this template to plan your meetings with potential clients or customers. Research your contacts and include notes on goals and potential questions to answer.
Sales Call Planner
Sales calls can help you communicate with potential clients and spread awareness for your services. To plan effectively, organize your information with this template.
Job Board Template
We've created this handy template for your company's job posts. To attract talent, it's vital to include helpful information in your job announcements. With this document, you can include details about your workplace's values, goals, and work culture.
Emergency medical identification
In case of an emergency, it’s essential to keep medical contacts on hand. Use our medical identification template to organize your contact list.
Decision-Making Record
Weighing pros and cons can be helpful if you have a big decision to make. Using this template, map out pros and cons to a decision, and assign a value to each one based on importance.
Tracking Marketing Campaigns
As a marketing professional, you might have several campaigns to track at once. With this template, you can easily keep tabs on your work, from conception to completion.
Troubleshooting Meeting
When issues arise, the best way to find solutions is to discuss them with your team. Use this template to figure out the source of errors, and work with teammates to prevent them from happening again.
Opportunity Notes
Track meetings and deals in progress with this note template. Use one document to keep track of key people and important information. Create notes during customer meetings to remember everything discussed.
Don't forget your assignments and track your homework. Achieve your study goals as the homework increases knowledge and improves students’ abilities. Doing homework is extremely effective when preparing for the lessons or exams.
Meeting notes planning
Bring clarity to your meetings by utilizing this meeting planning template. Use it to arrange and assemble topics to discuss.
CV templates
Having a good CV is essential for job applications, whether you’re looking for full-time, part-time, internal, or external positions. They are also needed for promotions, career changes, and internships.
🛒Grocery list
In the grocery store, we often forget to buy the items we need the most. When we don't have a precise shopping list, we also often end up buying unnecessary stuff. Use our template, which features checkboxes and categories for all your needs.
Meeting notes
Stop using simple word processors for drafting your meeting minutes. This meeting template is organized with a straightforward table so you can make your notes easy to follow.
Marketing Quarterly Planning
With this template, you can keep track of all your quarterly marketing initiatives. Use this roadmap as a blueprint for your work.
Retrospective Template
Retrospectives can help your team or organization review projects and determine what went well and what needed improvement. This template includes a table to fill with information about actions to start or stop implementing.
Rolling Quarters
Plan months in advance so you can keep track of your goal achievement for the upcoming quarters. Use this template to number all the goals you plan to achieve the next quarter and keep the progress by using checklist .
Progress Update
Make sure your team is on the same page. Keep everyone updated on what's happening, and solve issues so your team's progress stays steady.
Brainstorm Session
When planning for an event, it can be helpful to brainstorm ideas. With this brainstorm template, you can list ideas for your event. Include your inspiration for food and beverages, entertainment, and themes.
Weekly meetings
Weekly meetings help everyone on your team get caught up on what’s happening. This weekly meeting template can help your team stay organized and focused. Use it to create an agenda and lay out important topics.
Account Plans
Share this template with your team to update everyone on account plans. Everyone on your team can get caught up to speed with real-time editing and updating.
Fitness Goals
Fitness goal setting is one of the most rewarding goals to achieve - because you can see and feel the difference. Being fit opens up a new horizon of opportunities. Use this template to plan fitness goals, milestones and the rewards you'll get once they are achieved.
Students Attendance
Use this template daily to add absent, late and early dismissal students. Spend only few minutes to fill in the database, easily access when you need it. Check the total students' attendance every week, quarter or semester.
Event Planning Budget
Use this comprehensive event budget template to track your outgoing costs. This template includes a customizable table to input all your expenses.
Grades Overview
Track your students' grades by tracking progress visually every month. Analyze how your class is performing by checking overall statistics or individually. Check the progress of each student in each category at the end of the month. Easily duplicate and create new table for every new month.
Water Intake Tracker
Do you drink enough water? How can you know if you don't track. Use the water intake tracker to easily find out how many glasses of water do you drink and try to drink more to be healthy.
Applicant Tracker
Finding a candidate can involve several interviews with multiple candidates. To keep track of applicants, use this applicant tracker. It includes a table to list potential candidates.
Onboarding new teammates
After finding just the right hire for your company, what should you do next? Get your new employees caught up to speed by using our onboarding template.
Marketing Campaign Tracking
Instead of using several different spreadsheets to organize your marketing campaigns, use our campaign tracking template to keep an eye on your work. Whether your business is large or small, this template can help you meet your marketing goals and objectives.
Meeting Agenda Table
Get your whole team updated with this meeting agenda template. Keep your meetings efficient and organized by planning ahead of time.
Weekly Lesson Planner
Teachers know that planning is extremely important. Plan your lessons in advance easily with the weekly lesson planner. Doing your planning easily will help you to reduce the stress. Plan the lessons for whole week ahead in advance.
Candidate Tracking
When looking for job candidates, you might have several different leads. Instead of using multiple spreadsheets and documents to manage your job applicants, try out our candidate tracking template.
Product Requirement Document
With this template, you can lay out foundations for a successful product or application. Include vital information such as your goals, objectives, strategies, and target users.
Competitive Feature Analysis
With this competitive analysis template, you can keep track of your competitor's features. You can note their offerings and prices, and differentiate yourself from them.
Food Log
Use our food log template to track what you eat and drink throughout the day. Food diary is very useful for controlling and losing weight and developing good health habits. You typically set a daily calorie goal and use the food diary to help you meet that goal.
Performance Review Template
Use this performance review template to assess employees at the end of a quarter. Share this document to create productive one-on-one meetings.
Interview Feedback
Thorough interviews are integral to effective hiring processes. This template helps you keep track of interview feedback.
Workout Log
Smart practice is to keep track of each and every workout. This template will help to keep track of your progress in the development of the muscles and strength. Increase your numbers to allow growth.
Onboarding Feedback
Onboarding helps new hires gain knowledge and develop skills to perform their job well. This fully-customizable template allows you to gather evaluations from new hires. See which aspects of onboarding are effective and which ones aren't.
Weight Loss Progress
Loosing wait is one of the most frequent fitness goal. Use the weigh loss progress template to track your weight and BMI. Keep everything organized and reach your goal step by step.
Weekly meetings
Weekly meetings help your team to collaborate and reflect together. Add structure to your gatherings by using our weekly meetings template.
Teacher Schedule
Use the schedule for every teacher, department or grade. See the courses the teacher is covering, check which department or grade the teacher belongs to, see where the teacher will be located and the number of periods for the day.
Candidate Tracker
Organize your hiring process with this candidate tracker. Keep up with your candidates by listing suitable applicants after the initial resume screening.
OKR by Department
Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) should be easy to read and contain steps for measurable success. This template allows you to keep track of goals within a department or team.
Features Release 📲
Effortlessly visualize features releases with this template, which includes a table that is structured by quarter, month, and week.
Project retrospective
No matter what department you’re in, a retrospective can help you evaluate your projects and guide your future work. Try out this retrospective template to examine what went well and what needs improvement.
Performance Rating Review
This template allows your employees to rate their own skills and attributes using a star rating system. Use this performance evaluation to set goals and motivate employees to succeed.
Consolidate job descriptions 🔎
Job postings should be as detailed as possible so your applicants know exactly what each role is about. With this template, you can detail all the key aspects of different roles.
🚀Plan For Success
Let your dreams become... a plan! Set the most ambitious life goals, determine baby steps, fix time periods, and move towards your biggest achievements!
Define Requirements
Product teams work best when everyone can collaborate, brainstorm, and create plans together. We’ve provided this template so you and your team can work together to define requirements for your product.
🎯 Annual Goals
New Year Eve is a high time to change your life! To become the person you've always wanted, you need to set concrete goals. Begin with a global view, split big goals into daily tasks, and make it happen. Start with our template now!
UX Testing Meeting
Figure out issues with your product's user experience design with some help from your team members. With this handy template, you can note any important issues and draft steps to fix them.
Meeting Notes
Meetings are a great way to announce updates, solve issues, and get everyone caught up to speed. Fill out this template before your meetings so you can plan discussions with your team.
Product Requirements
Use this template to track your product's features and brainstorm ideas and drafts for new ones. Include demographic information for intended users, and share images, graphics, and ideas for design.
Product Requirements
Use this comprehensive template to lay out the requirements for your product. As you work, reference this document to give direction to your work.
Life trajectory dashboard
A dashboard provides a visual overview of projects. Use this life trajectory dashboard to quickly see the status of unresolved issues. The template combines a list of tasks with space for the assignee, due dates, current status, and best & worst cases.
🎄 New Year's Resolutions
Start the year off right by making New Year's resolutions. List all the goals you hope to accomplish in the new year. You can add colors to set apart essential resolutions. Check off the ones you've completed, and try to finish all of them before the end of the year!
Daily Log template
The Daily Log template helps you keep track of all the actions you've completed or the ones that need to be done. You can also easily manage your to-do list with this log. Organize your working day and plan important appointments, events and dates in advance. You can also share this template with coworkers or colleagues so they know your schedule and can work around it.
Sales call report
A sales call report helps summarize the details of your calls. Use this template to easily keep track of your sales calls. Note key information, such as dates, times, names, phone numbers, and takeaways.
Beauty Tracker 💋
After stocking up on beauty products, keeping track of each one can be a massive task. Each product has its unique ingredients, costs, and quality levels. To help you manage everything, we’ve provided this beauty tracker template.
Performance Reports
Performance reports help employees understand what they’re doing well and what they need to improve. This performance report template can help you and your team standardize your evaluations. With this template, you can rate on areas such as quality, quantity, and knowledge.
Release checklist
A product release can be an exciting time for your whole team. Before you unveil your completed work, make sure you have all your bases covered with this release checklist template.
Intermittent Fasting Tracker
Loose weight and get healthier using of Intermittent fasting tracker. It is the special eating pattern which focuses on when you eat rather than what you eat. There are different fasting intervals (times when you don’t eat) and feeding intervals for the purpose of weight loss.
Consolidate job descriptions
Create comprehensive job postings by using our job description template. Use this template to organize information about open roles.
Project timeline (Gantt diagram)
Create a project timeline to track your progress with this Gantt chart template. This project timeline (Gantt chart) helps you plan, track and sync project activities. Building on the long-standing Gantt chart model, this template shows how the project will be managed over time and at what stage it currently is. It works on projects large and small, short-term or long-term.
Conference Scheduling
Our conference schedule is a simple spreadsheet that serves as a useful tool for creating an organized meeting schedule that can be shared with staff and attendees. You can use this template for one-day or multi-day events, or for conferences with several speakers who will be presenting in different rooms.
Measurement Tracker
A weighing scale is not enough to show exactly how much and from where you lose your weight. Use this template to check if your body part measurements are getting smaller. In this case you can be satisfied that you’re dieting workout is really working.
Event Budget
Planning an event involves different costs and expenses. To know exactly where your money is going, it's essential to budget. This template can help you organize your expenses and make sure you don't go over your cap.
Product Feedback Template
When launching a new product, it's necessary to get feedback from users, customers, and your team members. Figure out what you did well and what you can improve for the future.
Applicant Status
This template can help you track your applicants. When hiring for a position, it's common to receive an influx of applications. Organize your applicant data with this table so you can focus on hiring the right people.
Consumer Interview Report
This template helps you organize your data and record your interview Q&A's. Note important conclusions and figure out how they can be incorporated in your work.
Employee performance evaluation
Performance evaluations are a great opportunity to have one-on-one discussions with your employees. To ensure structured and organized evaluations, try our performance evaluation template.
🙌 Habit tracker
Forming new healthy habits takes some time. Whether you want to exercise more, sleep earlier, or use your phone less, this habit tracker is perfect for keeping track of new activities.
Planning and researching for a new product can be a daunting task. If you need some help setting up a foundation for your work, check out our requirements template. This template can help you create a blueprint for your product’s requirements.
October 2020
October is a spooky month. If your biggest fear is forgetting important dates, then this template is perfect for you.
💪 Set your financial goals
To become financially secure, set long-term financial goals. With our template, you can brainstorm how to achieve them, create to-do lists, and write down your reflections. Keep in mind your financial goals each time you want to buy a lovely useless item, and your budget will grow.
August 2020
This August calendar template can help you manage your deadlines, meetings, appointments, and even your personal events and obligations. By using a calendar, you can easily check your availability and create a schedule to stick through.
Calorie & Fitness Log
Use Calorie & Fitness Log template to track what you eat throughout the day along with your fitness activities. By checking the difference between the calories you get and the calories you burn you can track the progress of the fat-burning process.
Employee Performance Review
Employee reviews help get everyone on your team caught up on standards, goals, and objectives. They’re an effective way to reflect on progress and growth. Use this performance template to evaluate your employees.
Basic business project tracker
Manage, track, and update all project details. Stay informed on how projects are progressing with this basic business project tracker. In the template, include project details such as collaborators, current and future tasks, statuses, deadlines, and more. Keep track of how your project is progressing and the duration of each task. This way, you'll ensure everything gets done on schedule.
March 2020
If your March is packed with activities, deadlines, or events, use this template to stay organized. Label any important dates.
Candidate Interview
During the job hiring process, one role might require several screenings with different team members. With so many different steps along the way, it can be easy to get lost or lose track of information. That’s why we’ve provided this template to help your team communicate and update each other after every interview.
April 2020
Use this template to plan your April. Make sure you’re ready for Easter and Tax Day. You can label important reminders throughout the month.
Eisenhower Matrix
Try the Eisenhower Matrix template to prioritize your tasks and build a consistent plan of action. Use Nimbus templates to organize your life!
February 2020
Make sure your February goes smoothly by trying out this calendar template. Plan out your whole month, and include important dates and events.
Candidate Tracking
When looking for job candidates, you might have several different leads. Instead of using multiple spreadsheets and documents to manage your job applicants, try out our candidate tracking template.
September 2020
September is the start of the fall season, which means colorful leaves, cooler weather, and pumpkins around the corner. There’s also Labor Day coming up, which means you’ll get a break from work or school—and you can shop sales!
January 2020
January is the start of the new year. It’s an exciting time, but it can also mean being overwhelmed by new events, deadlines, and responsibilities. Use this calendar template so you don’t fall behind.
June 2020
Stay prepared as you head into summer by using our June template. Include work deadlines, projects, events, or birthdays. Don’t miss anything again.
🎉 Holidays Calendar 2021-2022
Keep track of all major holidays and celebrations! Use it to check dates for vacations, breaks, or holidays.
May 2020
If you have a lot on your plate during the month of May, then check out this template. Use this calendar to organize all your plans. Keep track of what’s happening.
🎄Christmas Menu Planner
This template is perfect for planning your Christmas week meals. Use it to avoid last-minute rushing and stress. Plan your menu and stay relaxed during the holidays!
📽 Christmas Movie List
Get ready for the Christmas movie night! With this easily sharable template, you and your friends can prepare a to-watch list. Add notes and reviews for each movie, and find out your favorite Christmas film!
Meeting poll
Use this meeting poll to give attendees an easy way to vote on desired times, ideas, topics, or agenda items. Meeting attendees can interactively vote on surveys and collaborate in choosing an appropriate topic and/or time for a meeting.
July 2020
To plan your July, use this template we’ve provided. You can lay out out your Fourth of July plans, and include reminders for work events, deadlines, dinners, celebrations, and more.

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