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AI-powered Solutions for Client-Facing businesses

Сlient Collaboration, reimagined for Professional Services

We're here to bring your knowledge-driven business to the next level with white-label client portals and powerful back office

Adopted by rapidly growing startups:

Delight clients and empower teams

Coordinate collaborative efforts, oversee team tasks, and enhance service delivery. FuseBase supports every phase of projects from initiation to completion

Elevate Client Interactions

Get competitive advantage by providing superior branded experiences that help increase engagement and transparency

One source of truth
Live project tracking
Client access control & visibility

Streamlined Client Onboarding

Impress clients with personalized onboarding experiences

Forms & Docs

Intelligent Project Assistance

Keep your team focused on progress while AI manages organizational details

AI Helper
Guides & content creation

Centralized Project Workspace

Consolidate all project-related communication, documentation, and tasks within a single, easily accessible, and platform for seamless collaboration

PM & task management
Central knowledge base
Real-time communication
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Bring everything in one place

All-in-one platform for internal and external сollaboration. FuseBase combines client-facing portals with internal project management tools to support every stage of client projects

Consulting Firms

Streamline consulting projects from proposal to delivery, ensuring high client satisfaction and operational efficiency

  • Easy to update your projects
  • Process automation to reduce tasks
  • Seamless interaction with customers
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Marketing Agencies

Manage all client campaigns under one roof with tools designed to coordinate complex projects and inspire creative collaboration

  • Campaign progress personalised boards
  • Real-time team and client collaboration
  • Comments and chat to gather feedback
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IT Service Providers

Optimise your IT project support with a platform that manages everything from implementation to ongoing maintenance

  • Centralized project tracking
  • Ongoing IT support and documentation
  • Automated updates, maintenance plan
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For Whom?

With just a few clicks, FuseBase integrates with your existing systems.

Quickly improve workflows and centralise data management

Do more with FuseBase, your ultimate user-friendly toolkit

From project management to a seamless and efficient customer experience, FuseBase offers solutions for every stage of your project

Project Management

Organise and manage all aspects of your projects in a single portal, providing clearer visibility for both your team and clients

Data Collection

Share customizable forms to your clients and collect all the data you need to gather insights and deliver results

File Managment

Manage, share and update files and documents in secure client portals


Help everyone stay on top of any updates with the activity panel

Account Management

Effortlessly add new members and customize access permissions in seconds


Create consistent communication channels between teams and clients to improve project clarity

Knowledge Base

Develop a comprehensive knowledge base to support ongoing learning and information sharing within your organization

Client success stories

Discover how FuseBase helped its users transform the way they manage projects and collaborate with teams

Dana N. Owner
“We appreciate FuseBase's responsive support team and continuous improvements, including robust AI integration and enhanced search capabilities. FuseBase's commitment to improving user experience and maintaining high client satisfaction sets it apart in the crowded document, knowledge, and client management software market. Five stars!”.
Tom W. Founder
“I wanted to consolidate everything so my team could collaborate and share information more easily. I wanted that one place where you could go and actually find it all, and that was what we bought Fusebase for. I'm pleased to say that our use has extended beyond that. I love how you can embed online tables and similar items here. This way, you can build all your content from elsewhere in one place”.
Peter W. Director
“Maintaining a lot of material together for a team is where Fusebase shines. No paper documents, no emails, no stuff going back and forth. It's all in one place, and everybody is working in the same environment”.
Doug G. Pianist & DJ
“Fusebase portals replaced my former program a few months ago. Feedback from my clients who experienced both portals voted Fusebase portals superior to the old ones. FuseBase allows me to create excellent presentations for my clients to plan their events months in advance”.
Andy H. Director
Vincent Head of Creative Content and Design
“FuseBase has a backend that allows us to update and maintain the content internally and to reflect that content in a nice, easy-to-use user interface for the client. It's robust, integrated with multiple other applications and solutions, and very customizable. You can make it look and feel like your company and your brand”.
Seb V. Marketing Manager
“The results have been great! With FuseBase, we can really set ourselves apart from other agencies while making both employee's and clients' lives easier”.
Subhan H. Business Professor

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