Premium Features of Nimbus Capture – Questions and Answers

What is the difference between Nimbus Capture Pro and Nimbus Note Pro? #

Nimbus Capture Pro gives you access to advanced features such as conversion to mp4/gif, watermarks, unlimited entire page screenshots, and more. If you want to learn more about how to benefit from entire page screenshots, click here. You can save screenshots and videos to the hard drive or Google Drive/Youtube, but if you want to work with the Nimbus Note service and send large volumes of information to it, you should consider buying a Nimbus Note PRO plan.

Nimbus Note Pro is subscription to advanced features of the Nimbus Note service (searching through pictures, OCR, encryption, etc.). By paying for a Nimbus Note subscription, you automatically get access to the paid features of the Nimbus Capture app.

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Saving to MP4 and GIF #

MP4 is one of the most popular video formats these days, supported on any site and played on any player. The GIF format is very convenient for various presentations, training and other kinds of demonstrations. Nimbus Capture Pro will allow converting and saving videos in these formats! It’s important to note that not only can you convert videos to the desired format, but you can also select the desired resolution and even Frame Rate (for GIF formats).

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Sending videos to Google Drive/Dropbox and Youtube #

You can automatically publish recorded videos on the world’s most popular video site, Youtube, sharing links with friends and colleagues. Google Drive and Dropbox will also be at your disposal to save the videos.

Watermark for screenshots and videos #

A watermark is a special text or logo applied to images (photos, drawings, screenshots, etc.) to identify the author and protect the product from unauthorized use. It can also be used as a simple digital signature (just a reminder, in Nimbus Screenshot not only can you make screenshots, you can also edit images).

In Nimbus Screenshot, you can write your own text in the editor or upload a ready-made logo. You can choose where to place the watermark yourself.

The watermark is then automatically added to every screenshot and video you create.

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