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Using Nimbus Note to get things done or Nimbus Note and GTD

GTD (Getting Things Done) is a time management method developed by a productivity consultant and  writer that authored a book by the same name, David Allen.

The main principle of GTD states – one should not overburden themselves with what needs to be done rather than just add it to the list. All attention should be focused on actually completing a single task at hand.

Nimbus Note is not your typical full-fledged planner, but it comes with a variety of tools you can use to organize your time.

Collecting information

One of the main principles of GTD is capturing information and creating tasks. You can start an Inbox folder for that purpose to add information and tasks: on your own, via the web-clipper or send through e-mail. Then all that information needs to be sorted and organized.

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Organizing information

Then all your tasks need to be organized. You can use folders and tags to that end. Folders and subfolders can be used instead of projects, while tags will give your tasks context. You can create tags by urgency, for instance, “urgent” or “for later”, as well as by topics, like “house chores” or “shopping list”.

Also, David Allen recommends using 43 folders. The idea is to create 31 separate folders, one for each working day of the month (31 in total), plus additional 12 folders for each month. As a result, you end up with 43 folders to store your plans for each day.

With NN, you can create 12 root folders for each month with subfolders for days.

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Processing and actions

NN comes with a great number of tools to work with notes. An improved editor, attachments, color tags etc. However, it’s the possibilities of the to-do list and the reminders that deserve a special mention.

For instance, you have a meeting planned. In the note you can describe the meeting details (who with, when and what about). You can use the to-do list to add tags and tasks for the meeting. Then you can set a reminder that will remind you about the meeting in advance.

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