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A white-label collaboration hub for digital agencies and their clients

Save time, streamline collaboration, and retain more clients with Nimbus – the no-code platform designed for digital agencies and professionals.

Trusted by 500+ digital agencies like you


Get Back 40% of Your Focus Time and Increase Client satisfaction rate up to 50%

Working closely with agencies, we've designed Nimbus to help you solve specific problems.

Keep everyone on the same page

One source of truth for both clients and the team without cumbersome workflows

Boost your teams efficiencies

One tool for all stages of your project: from initiation to closure

Higher client satisfaction
and average contract value

Make clients a part of your project. Build a strong rapport and drive work forward

Collaborate Directly with Clients in Nimbus

  • Branded client portals and knowledge bases
  • Reusable and flexible forms
  • Collaboration both on content and assets

All Your Work in One Place

  • Client agreements & meeting notes
  • Project deliverables
  • Timesheets & reports

Streamline Your Workflows

  • Task and To-Dos
  • Project resources and discussions
  • Goals, targets and deadlines

Designed for Digital Agencies and their Clients

Streamline your workflows and client engagement with our solutions designed specifically for agency professionals.

Project Managers

Organize your team so they will know where to find all the answers and what to do next

Account Managers

Drive client satisfaction and retention with the professional white-label client portals

Marketing Managers

Collaborate with the team to maximize the value of your work

Why do users choose Nimbus?

Before Nimbus, we would have to share large lists of contacts, pages of copy for clients to review, and campaign metrics using a variety of sources. Nimbus became a single source of truth for our clients with its Client Portals. It was easy to design pages for clients that included all the info they’d ever need, and securely share them in one click.


“Nimbus Note helps our team work more efficiently and carve out more time for leisure. All of our notes, comments, pictures and plans are collected in one place. Essentially, we have a one-stop tool at our disposal with which to allocate tasks in the team, keep track of them, share ideas and discuss each one in real time.”


“It’s been a long time since I’ve seen such a simple yet versatile app that you can literally do EVERYTHING with. Special thanks to the developers of Nimbus Note for the convenient organization of the workspace.


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