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A project management tool for client-oriented businesses

Transform the way you work. Manage projects in real time without extra hurdles

Trusted and Recognized by Multiple Users

Why Managing Projects in
Nimbus Platform is the Best Choice

Be Available

Optimize communication

by up to 20%

Be Efficient

Increase team productivity

by up to 35%

Be Client-Centric

Analyze behavior and boost

client satisfaction by up to 50%

Change Your Perception of Working on Client Projects

Be Available​

Build One Working Hub

Concentrate your project processes in one hub.

Organize all information, connect other tools and collaborate without switching places.

Be Efficient

Manage Projects of Any Variety

Visualize the work to be done and manage your resources. Divide and conquer tasks and projects one by one.

Be Client-Centric

Improve Customer Experience

Create no-code client interfaces for tailored needs. Make the project information clear and accessible for your clients.

How You Can Manage Projects with Nimbus Platform


Turn Ideas into Actions with Tasks

You can bridge the gap between ideas and execution with streamlined task management.


Plan Time for Tasks and Projects

You can get your time tracking on point to plan, monitor, and optimize your processes.


Keep Track of Project Workload

You can manage your team resources and avoid task overloads for colleagues.


Get a Bird's Eye View

You can make it clear for you, your team and your clients at which project stage you are.


Deliver Results via Client Portals

You can provide your clients with a better user experience and secure access to project details.

Find Out What People Are Saying

Paulo Andrade

Online Instructor, University Teacher

“I use Nimbus to organize projects for my agency. Nimbus works as a portal for my team and clients. For each client and project, we create a workspace and I invite the team members that will work in that specific project / client”.

Selle Evans

CEO of Masterly Business Solutions

“Nimbus is the central point of our business. We love how we work and we love how Nimbus gives us the freedoms we need — and allows us to present work consistently and professionally”.

Aritra Ghosh

Analyst at Amazon

Nimbus has made our work a lot easier. Nimbus dashboards offer some great services like account management, integrated cloud storage options, collaborative workspace for the team and many more”.

What Else You Can Use Nimbus Platform For

Building Knowledge Bases

Store and organize all your information in one place. Establish one source of truth for your company or separate projects.

Creating Client Portals

Enhance your client experience and deliver results professionally. Interact with clients in one place under your name and brand.

Collecting Data

Gather all information from your clients and move the project forward. Get information and deliver results all in one place.

Do you use other apps?

Nimbus Platform supports thousands integrations

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Try Nimbus Platform today and feel the difference

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