Evernote vs Google Keep
vs Nimbus Note

Here is an in-depth comparison of all platforms to help you understand their 

differences and decide which fits you best

Google Keep

Is a simple, minimalistic and completely free program for quickly creating and editing notes or to-do lists with reminders. However, you will hardly be able to solve complex tasks with it, because Google Keep functionality is not designed for it. There are more serious applications for this purpose, such as Evernote or Nimbus Note. Experts consider them to be the best modern programs for writing, creating and editing notes and managing information.


Is also a note-taking program, but it is more functional than Google Keep. With Evernote, not only can you create and edit notes, but you can also create task lists, chat discussions and tags, in addition to saving pictures and web pages. For collaborations and more complex tasks than everyday work with small, simple notes, one usually chooses Evernote over Google Keep if the choice is limited to these two programs. And if not limited, consider Nimbus Note.

Nimbus Note

In the beginning, Nimbus Note was a typical note-taking app, but over time it has evolved into a full-fledged platform for organizing data and sharing comments, effectively organizing business and processing all types of documents: text notes, images, PDF files and more. With it you get access to a whole set of convenient online tools and a real digital headquarters for teamwork.


Unlike Google Keep, which has no paid versions at all, Evernote and Nimbus Note apps both offer a free basic plan, the functionality of which is significantly limited and a paid version, which opens access to a huge number of tools and options. 


And by the number of these options, Nimbus Note clearly beats Evernote, not to mention Google Keep. Choose the solution that best suits your needs and demands. Of the three options, Nimbus Note is the most professional app, capable of bringing real value to your business from the first days of use. But if you need minimalistic software for taking personal notes and working with the simplest content, it is advisable to choose Google Keep or Evernote.

Categorizing information with projects×
Nested structure with support for folders and subfolders××
Template Library×
Tag support for notes
Internal email for creating notes×
Desktop support×
Search by page text×
Search in content

Editor capabilities

The modest features of the Google Keep editor generally correspond to the main purpose of the product: it allows you to create simple text notes (e.g. to write down your ideas and thoughts, to make shopping lists) and add pictures to them. But Google Keep does not provide more complex functions and objects (columns, bookmarks, toggles).  It is not suitable for sharing video or audio content.

Therefore, it is clearly inferior to the Evernote editor, which offers basic document formatting, a Web Clipper and a library of templates. Users can choose a text style, format the note in full or its individual fragments, and add attachments such as active links, code blocks, images and audio content. Different levels of headings and color separations can be used to structure the text. The Evernote editor is easy and intuitive to work with, with all the setting buttons located on the top toolbar and the insert menu.


But the truly powerful editor is available only in Nimbus Note. Its advantages are obvious: in addition to rich text formatting, the user can work with super documents, tables and databases, insert complex objects and visual content (images, video, GIF). A separate advantage is quick screenshots, highlighting and saving fragments of PDF files with Nimbus Capture and Nimbus Clipper (available in the package with Nimbus Note).

Block editor with column support××
Advanced Objects (buttons, hints, toggles)××
Tag support for notes
Browser video and audio recording×
Support for tables with adding/sorting and filtering××
Recording video and saving screenshots to your account (extension required)××
Saving web pages and received emails to the account (requires extension)

Team Usage

Google Keep, which is positioned as a simple and minimalistic task manager, in practice is difficult to use for collaboration and task management, as it provides neither group chats, nor general task lists with support for labels, dates and notes on employees responsible for a certain task. Evernote as a collaboration app is much more practical: you can use it to share documents, make lists and assign tasks, tag and create chats to interact with colleagues, but only in a 1-1 dialog format. If you need a universal note app for businesses and organization of work on projects, pay attention to Nimbus Note, a hub that has almost unlimited possibilities for productive collaboration:

  • easy and fast file sharing with colleagues and clients
  • offline support of mobile and desktop applications, cross-platform and connection of an unlimited number of devices;
  • real-time comments and chats (both conversational and group chats);
  • task lists with labels, responsible persons and dates, reminders;
  • convenient workspaces and the ability to selectively open access to read and edit documents.

Essentially, Google Keep is more focused on personal use, while Evernote and Nimbus Note are suitable for information management and project management. But Evernote does not allow you to create workspaces as convenient as Nimbus Note, it does not offer client or internal portals, and project discussion opportunities are limited because there are no group chats and comments. Reports, discussions, task distribution, experience and knowledge sharing – with Nimbus Note you will reach your goal faster and with less effort.

Group chat ××
Task list with support for labels, responsibilities and dates××
Support for group work in real time ××
Aggregation of tasks in a single dashboard with the ability to manage them××
Support of reminders with option to repeat ×
Client portals××


Here everything is simple: Google Keep in principle does not provide such an option, and Evernote integrates only the most popular applications (Slack, Google Services Microsoft Teams). Nimbus Note allows you to integrate as many services as you need, using links. Excel, Google Analytics, Twitter, Github and dozens of other products are already on the list of Nimbus integrations, and the list keeps growing. And if you want to integrate Nimbus pages into other tools you use, there’s no problem with that either.


For a product or brand to be truly successful, it must become recognizable. The white label concept implemented by Nimbus is an effective tool to help achieve this goal. When interacting with clients – in mailing lists and public documents, on client portals and public pages – the Nimbus logo is automatically replaced with your logo. Connect a custom subdomain (CNAME), use your SMTP – all this is provided by Nimbus, but not by Google Keep and Evernote. Nimbus offers optimal solutions for both large and medium-sized businesses.

Ability to brand public pages (logo, appearance)××
Connection to your site and custom domain (CNAME) ××
Use your own SMTP××

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Why do users choose Nimbus Note?

“The decision to switch from Evernote to Nimbus Note was crucial to my business. I can really see how much more productive my team is now that we have Nimbus, which provides everything from group chats to task lists and other features.”


“Functionality, simplicity, intuitive structure – that’s why I love Nimbus. It’s not just a note taking app, it’s the key to success for the project I’m working on and the best solution to save time and effort spent on communication with colleagues.”


“For several years I used Google Keep as a personal program for notes, but I can’t call it a universal solution. So for work tasks I use Nimbus Note, especially since now there is a need to work in a team, and Nimbus is the best platform for collaboration, proven by practice!”


“For personal notes I used to use Google Keep and Evernote’s Free Plan, whereI did not store anything more serious than cooking recipes and short notes. When I chose an app for work, I hesitated for a long time between buying Evernote Professional and switching to Nimbus Note. In the end I chose Nimbus Note for a number of reasons. Now I pay less than I would pay for Evernote and get more.”



Nimbus Note surpasses many note-taking apps (Evernote, Google Keep, and more) in a number of ways:

  • stability, security and usability;
  • pleasant, intuitive and well-thought-out interface;
  • cross-platform nature and wide possibilities of integration;
  • powerful multifunctional editor with many templates;
  • convenient folder structure and fine tuning of access rights to the documents;
  • search by tags, file types, image and text content;
  • branding and customization of newsletters/notifications;
  • offline mode with automatic synchronization on all devices.

Buying Nimbus Note automatically gives you access to other tools of the Nimbus platform – Nimbus Clipper and Nimbus Capture, which you can use to make and edit annotations, screenshots and screen recordings with a few clicks. If you are looking for an application for efficient collaboration, content sharing and complex tasks – Nimbus Note can do everything and more.

Frequently asked questions

Anybody. Nimbus Note is also useful for large business teams, account managers, designers, office managers and more. Even if you are not looking for a tool for work at all, but just want to get a handy application for cooking recipes or interesting notes, Nimbus Note is exactly what you need. Its cross-platform nature, stability, responsiveness and accessibility make it a great alternative to Notejoy and other similar products.

Anything from simple tasks and notes, lists, screenshots and spreadsheets to a complete database, audio and video files, documents with comments and well-structured workspaces. Nimbus Note is ideal for training and learning, sharing ideas, working on projects and much more.

Easy and fast data sharing is one of those “features” in Nimbus Note that users love so much. You can share pages and files not only with your colleagues at work, but also with clients who do not have a Nimbus Note account – just send them the link and set a password to protect the data.

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