Nimbus Note vs Notejoy

Here is an in-depth comparison of all platforms to help you understand their 

differences and decide which fits you best.

The best alternative to Notejoy is Nimbus

Notejoy is a popular and easy note taking tool. You can use it to create and edit notes and lists, organize information, set reminders and shortcuts and share data with other users by giving them access to your notes. 

Nimbus Note
is a great alternative to Google Keep, available in one free and two commercial versions  It is not just a compact mobile app like Google Keep, but a feature-rich cross-platform service compatible with different browsers and Windows, Android, MacOS and iOS operating systems.


Stable and flexible, Nimbus Note is just as good as Google Keep in terms of basic technical parameters, and surpasses it in most respects – for example, when it comes to data search or screen recording, workflow control or public page customization.

Using Nimbus Note, you can create, organize and edit content obtained from different sources, share important information with your colleagues and work together on task sets. It contains a powerful multifunctional editor, a convenient storage system with tags, a smart folder hierarchy, a clipper for downloading actual data from the web and other useful tools. Nimbus Note is available in two versions – free (basic) and paid (commercial).

Notejoy is a system with a much smaller set of options than Nimbus Note. This is a simple and functional service that can be operated through a browser or client for iOS, MacOS and Windows. It is suitable for creating and editing ordinary notes, composing and structuring uncomplicated documents. 

Slightly faster speed is one of Notejoy’s strengths, but Nimbus Note excels in a number of other basic functions:

Nimbus NoteNotejoy
Categorizing information for projects×
Nested structure with subfolder support
Tagging support for notes
Support for group work in real time
Template library×
Block editor with column support×
Advanced Objects (buttons, hints, toggles)×
Support for tables with sorting / summing and filtering×
Ability to create shared pages×
Support for reminders with option to repeat×
Browser based video and audio recording×
Search text
Search the contents of pictures and documents×
Saving web pages and received emails to your Nimbus Note account (requires the use of Nimbus Clipper)×
Recording videos and saving screenshots to your account (requires the use of Nimbus Screenshot)×
Offline mode

Editor capabilities

The obvious advantage of Nimbus Note is the multifunctional editor, which allows creating both simple text notes and interactive documents with multi-format combined content.


The user has access to: work with tables and many other functions envisaged by the developers of Nimbus Note (which are completely absent in Notejoy); creation of complex objects (such as videos, buttons or toggles); integration of other applications; all this with advanced formatting options and text recognition in images and files; and even with team members, chats, comments and tasks.



Team Usage

Nimbus Note is the optimal solution for internal and external collaboration. That means you can easily share notes, images, video files and other data just by dropping a single link to the desired super document or folder in Nimbus. For your colleagues, Nimbus Note has workspaces, chats and real-time comments. For clients, there are automated client portals with customizable branding. 

Nimbus Note offers a full-featured b2b service with project management support and document collaboration with fine-tuned access and editing rights. Use work chats and other spaces with clear role separation and add comments and edits. Nimbus Note has a practical tagging system, email notifications and a host of other services needed to maximize intra-team collaboration. Notejoy does not support the group chat format and does not allow you to create public pages or generate task lists with date support, information about responsible performers and so on…

Nimbus NoteNotejoy
Group chat ×
Task list with support for labels, responsibilities and dates×
Support for group work in real time ×
Aggregation of tasks in a single dashboard with the ability to manage them×
Support of reminders with option to repeat ×
Client portals×


Nimbus Note is an absolute user favorite when it comes to personal comfort: a well thought-out interface with a wide range of customization options, simple navigation… And also – search the content of pictures and documents, libraries of templates, video and audio recording through the browser, the ability to set reminders and make notes offline, followed by automatic synchronization on all devices. Of all the above features, Notejoy only offers offline notes and only as a paid option.


How can you make a project more successful and a brand or product more recognizable? It’s very simple with the Nimbus Note system, because it  implements white labels. When creating public folders, pages and documents in Nimbus Note, you can add your own logo or brand name to them. Customization and branding of public pages and mailing lists is a small but important brick laid in the foundation of your commercial success. This feature is not found in Notejoy.

Nimbus NoteNotejoy
Ability to brand shared pages (logo, appearance) ×
Connection to your site and custom domain (CNAME) ×
Use your own SMTP×


Nimbus Note can be used on an unlimited number of different devices: on phones, tablets and computers – at home, school and work. Data will be automatically synced, so both you and everyone on your team will always have access to up-to-date information.

When you choose Nimbus, you don’t get access to just an isolated product but a whole ecosystem. This means you will be able to use additional tools, which will save you time and simplify your work with content:

Nimbus Capture for visual messaging, for easy creation and processing of screenshots and videos.

Nimbus Clipper, to cut and save excerpts, quotes and images found on the Internet, and create annotations for your saved files. 

Key Features:

• Capture the entire web page and store it for future use

• Capture only a part of web page

• Highlight text before saving the web clipping

• Add tasks to the clipping before sending it to a colleague

• Clip images from a web page

• Clip from PDF files and annotate before saving

• Clip anything, with just one click!

Why do users choose Nimbus Note?

The obvious advantages of Nimbus Note are full control over workflows, rich embedding and integration functions, easy import of files from HTML, DOCX and beyond. This is an organizer, a hub for user collaboration and an information management system.

It started off as a simple service for creating notes, but today not every similar product can boast such a wide range of options, which is confirmed by the numerous reviews by users who have managed to switch from other applications to Nimbus Note:

“I love Nimbus Note for its versatility. It’s the best of Notejoy. Moreover, for me Notejoy is the only available application for working with text notes, while Nimbus Note is a great tool for literally everything: from finding new ideas to implementing existing ones.”


“If you need an app where you can quickly jot down a shopping list or to-do list for tomorrow, Notejoy will do fine. If you’re looking for something more functional, take a look at Nimbus Note.”


“With Nimbus Note, you can tackle complex tasks as quickly and productively as possible. Using Nimbus Note, I noticed I started spending less time searching and processing information because I now have a great virtual assistant.”


“10 out of 10. After trying several different services over the year, including the very popular Evernote, Notejoy, and Google Keep, I finally chose Nimbus Note and have never regretted it once.”


Notejoy vs Nimbus Note

Wondering what solution would best suit your needs? Here is an in-depth comparison of both platforms to help you understand their differences and decide which fits you best!

Frequently asked questions

Anybody. Nimbus Note is also useful for large business teams, account managers, designers, office managers and more. Even if you are not looking for a tool for work at all, but just want to get a handy application for cooking recipes or interesting notes, Nimbus Note is exactly what you need. Its cross-platform nature, stability, responsiveness and accessibility make it a great alternative to Notejoy and other similar products.

Anything from simple tasks and notes, lists, screenshots and spreadsheets to a complete database, audio and video files, documents with comments and well-structured workspaces. Nimbus Note is ideal for training and learning, sharing ideas, working on projects and much more.

Easy and fast data sharing is one of those “features” in Nimbus Note that users love so much. You can share pages and files not only with your colleagues at work, but also with clients who do not have a Nimbus Note account – just send them the link and set a password to protect the data.

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