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Nimbus Note VS Quip

You can save any information to Nimbus Note – from personal notes, thoughts and ideas to pie recipes from the Internet; from a travel journal to scanned documents. What’s important, all that information will be readily available on any of your devices any time and anywhere. Down below please find a comparison of Nimbus Note against Quip.

Top Nimbus Note Features

Accessible anytime, from anywhere

We do not have any synchronization limitations and Nimbus Note is available from any devices (Windows, Web, iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, Windows Touch and Chrome) so you never have to worry about not being able to access your notes.

Capture information from the Internet

Our web clipper will become a handy addition to Nimbus Note. With its help you will be able to save articles from sites, images, recipes, e-mails, PDF files and other stuff from the Internet. Nimbus Clipper is available for browsers Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera, as well as Android mobile devices. Nimbus Note also has a built-in clipper for iPhone and iPad.

Organizing notes the way you like

With Nimbus Note it’s easy to organize your notes most effectively. You can create any number of folders and subfolders as well as add context to notes using useful tags.

For this purpose let’s create a folder named Recipes. Inside the folder let’s create subfolders Soups, Salads, Main courses, Desserts etc. Those will be for our recipes to go to. For every recipe you can add tags, for instance, ingredients like milk, apples, chocolate etc. That way, all recipes will be well organized and you will be able to find similar recipes from different folders using the tags.

Why choose Nimbus vs Quip?

Supported synchronization between various devices.
Folders and Subfolder support
Full-fledged support for creating and editing folders and subfolders for storing notes.
Only folders
Tag support
Possibility to add context to notes by adding tags.
Version for Windows
Native version for Windows with possibility to work offline.
Editor with supported text formatting
Possibility to create texts with complex formatting (bold, italic, underline, highlight) as well as insert images, lists and tables in the text.
Attachments support
Possibility to insert various files in notes (audio files, video files, archives etc.).
Web-Clippers for browsers and mobile devices
Possibility to save information from the Internet (articles, e-mails, files and so on) on mobile devices (Android, iPhone, iPad, WP and so on).
Time Reminders
Possibility to create time and location-based reminders.
OCR - retrieving text from images
Possibility to "pull" text from images and insert it in notes.
Searching for texts in images
Possibility to search not just in note text but also in images.

What is Nimbus Note?

  • Create notes, docs and wikis
  • Easily create tasks & lists
  • Databases, spreadsheets and tables
  • Custom Domain & Branding
  • Organization Console
  • JS/HTML injections
  • Client Portal (Guest Accounts)

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