To keep things easy and efficient for you, we’ve provided helpful templates for all your different needs—from marketing plans to HR tracking. The templates are completely customizable and can be used to organize all your projects, meetings, goals, strategies, and more.

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Meeting notes
This simple meeting notes template allows you to record key points in your team discussions. Use our tables to separate your information based on category.
One-On-One Meetings
One-on-one meetings are necessary if you manage people. It's an effective way to check-in on your employees and offer them support, so they can perform to the best of their abilities.
Most managers find one-on-one meetings uncomfortable or difficult because they don't have a structure to follow. Employees also dread one-on-one meetings when they don't find them valuable. This causes meetings to be ineffective and a waste of time.
Using a one-on-one meeting template makes meetings less stressful, more effective, and, when done well, can increase trust between a manager and their team members.
You can utilize the free Nimbus one-on-one meetings template to keep you focused on the topics you need to discuss and avoid wasting time with unimportant details.
Job Board Template
We've created this handy template for your company's job posts. To attract talent, it's vital to include helpful information in your job announcements. With this document, you can include details about your workplace's values, goals, and work culture.
Job Applicant Tracker
With this applicant tracker template, you can organize potential candidates at your organization. The template includes color-coded columns for each stage of the hiring process so you can set apart your applicants.
Employee Performance Review
Work evaluations give employees a better understanding of how they fit within their company's larger objectives. With this template, you can assess an employee on their work achievements and areas of improvement.
Yearly Performance Review
Annual performance reviews contribute to an employee's professional development. Reviews also motivate employees and remind them ways to contribute to the company. With this performance evaluation template, reviewers can offer constructive feedback.
Performance Rating Review
This template allows your employees to rate their own skills and attributes using a star rating system. Use this performance evaluation to set goals and motivate employees to succeed.
Performance Review Template
Use this performance review template to assess employees at the end of a quarter. Share this document to create productive one-on-one meetings.
Job Candidates Tracker
Organize your hiring process with this candidate tracker. Keep up with your candidates by listing suitable applicants after the initial resume screening.
Applicant Status
This template can help you track your applicants. When hiring for a position, it's common to receive an influx of applications. Organize your applicant data with this table so you can focus on hiring the right people.
Applicant Tracker
Finding a candidate can involve several interviews with multiple candidates. To keep track of applicants, use this applicant tracker. It includes a table to list potential candidates.
Onboarding Feedback
Onboarding helps new hires gain knowledge and develop skills to perform their job well. This fully-customizable template allows you to gather evaluations from new hires. See which aspects of onboarding are effective and which ones aren't.
Onboarding Process
Onboarding involves many steps. It can take around three months to get a new employee settled into the company. Make sure you don't miss any essential tasks with this checklist.
New Employee Onboarding
Joining a new company can be overwhelming for a new hire. With this template, you can give a checklist of items for your new employee. It's an easy way to make sure they have all their tools and resources ready.
Weekly Status Report
Use this weekly status report template to review your week and examine your progress. By taking stock of your workload and noting objectives, you can enter the new week prepared and focused.
Decision-Making Record
Weighing pros and cons can be helpful if you have a big decision to make. Using this template, map out pros and cons to a decision, and assign a value to each one based on importance.
Interview Evaluation Questions
Interview evaluations help you assess whether or not a candidate is right for your team. This template allows you to judge candidates on consistent and structured questions and criteria.
Interview Feedback
Thorough interviews are integral to effective hiring processes. This template helps you keep track of interview feedback.
OKR Template
This OKR template will allow your team to plan and communicate with each other to set and achieve goals. With this collaborative document, the whole group can understand what is expected of each member.
OKR by Department
Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) should be easy to read and contain steps for measurable success. This template allows you to keep track of goals within a department or team.
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