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Interactive Nimbus Portals & Dashboards

No more jumbled email threads, lost documents, unclear assignments, and unsatisfied clients. Create powerful no-code portals as a one-point entry for your clients for better communication & collaboration

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What Nimbus Portal is?

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One source of truth

Your clients and teams will finally be on the same page. Keep all the project information, updates and approvals organized in one customer portal.

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Your Branding, Not Ours

Easily integrate Nimbus Portal to your website by adding a custom domain, your logo and branding colors. Your clients need to remember you and your branded client portal, not Nimbus.

Simple for Your Clients

Your clients won’t be overwhelmed by a new complicated system. A dead-simple access via a magic link, neat design and ready-to-use themes will boost their user experience.

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No-code Powers for Teams

Nimbus Portals are easy to set up and manage. Besides Nimbus Portals, your team will get a backend work hub with super documents, task tracking and collaboration features.

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A Nimbus Portal (also known as Customer Portal) is a no-code website that allows clients to access information about their projects in a secure way. Collaboration and project management with Nimbus Portals is easier as it helps to track all processes including adding meeting notes, showing invoices, working on tasks and more.

Portals powered by Nimbus Platform are based on Nimbus pages and folders. You can work on the project with your team inside the Nimbus workspace and connect pages and folders to a Nimbus Portal with the results of this work. For example, you can work on your tasks with your team, leave comments on your Nimbus pages and then quickly react to any changes in the project via the Activity Panel. Then, via a Nimbus Portal, continue collaboration with your clients by modifying the project in real-time. What’s more, you can also integrate other tools to your portal (we support more than 2000 integrations) to gather and show all information about your company and the services it provides.

Nimbus Portals can be perfect for small and medium businesses who want to save time on collaboration with clients but provide a quality result. You can use a Nimbus Portal to create a better user experience for your clients and present your work under your name and brand.

Nimbus Portals designed and powered by Nimbus Platform are built in a way that gives you full information about the project and the company’s services. The best part of Nimbus Portals is that your clients can control the whole working process without any additional efforts from their side or yours. They just need to have access to where all information is gathered together. For example, you add meeting notes to your portal and your clients see the next steps in their project and at which stage you are. That prevents you from emailing your client each time something has changed or delays occurred.

The first thing, it is simple. You don’t need to use code to build the Nimbus Portal. Just connect your Nimbus folders and pages to start the work. Secondly, in the Nimbus Portal, you can integrate other third-party tools and easily sort all information in your portal using drag-n-drop. Thirdly, you can brand your whole environment, Nimbus Portals are fully White Label solutions. Last but not least, you can easily find out about your client’s needs from the Search Analytics option. There, you’ll see your clients’ queries, the frequency of these queries and which links they opened afterward.

While choosing or designing the Nimbus Portal, you should think of the following features:
✅ Simple interface: don’t overload your clients with unnecessary information, keep it easy to access and navigate;
✅ Secure storage: save all project data in one place online and secured;
✅ Collaboration options: keep track of the project process and quickly react to it;
✅ Permission management: give secure access to designing company portal and watching information there;
✅ Tasks: show who is working on the project, what the status of it and when a due date is;
✅ Search analytics: analyze your clients’ needs right away and modify the project process according to them;
✅ White Label solution: present the project and services under your name and brand to win the trust and recognition of your clients;

Using a Nimbus Portal can ease up your project management and communication process. You create a user-friendly and secure environment for your clients and provide all information necessary for the project. This way, you save your time to actually work on the project rather than notifying your clients about it. What’s even better, it’s a great opportunity to present your name and brand to your clients, avoiding complex coding.

To grow and scale your business, you need to automate some of your processes. Nimbus Portals can do that. You connect Nimbus pages and folders to the portal and choose to automatically update it. Your client will see information about their project freshly changed by your team members in the Nimbus workspace. It will help you avoid extra actions like updating information on a portal by yourself, writing emails to your clients about changes, explaining one more time why the changes has been made. All are gathered in one place under your name and brand.

Of course, they are! In Nimbus Platform, we have an access management system. While creating a Nimbus Portal, the portal owner grants permissions to those who can access the portal and edit. The portal can be completely private and show information about the project to the portal owner and a client only. That means you can freely add invoices, meeting notes or other important data without any worries.

To design a Nimbus Portal website in Nimbus Platform, you need to have an account there. Create your Nimbus organization, add your team members and upload information about your project or start working on it right away. Then in the left sidebar, find the Portal icon. Click it and with the help of the Portal Wizard design your Nimbus Portal. During this process you can connect your Nimbus pages and folders, decide who can edit the portal and customize the portal according to your needs.

You already know that a portal powered by Nimbus Platform has a vast branding options. One of them is a custom domain and subdomain. That means your portal can have its own address without any mentions of Nimbus Platform, for example, To make your portal a part of your branding story and website, go to the Organization Console in your Nimbus Platform account. There, in the settings, you can choose and change your custom domain and subdomain. Please note, that this option is available only to the Business plan users.

There are multiple reasons why, but let’s concentrate on the main ones:
Simplicity. You can create a Nimbus Portal in a couple of clicks, providing your clients with an intuitive design and easily-reachable information.

Security. You choose who can access and edit information in your company portal.

Efficient collaboration. You manage your project inside the Nimbus workspace with your team, show clients the results of this work, and collaborate with them further in the portal.

Cost-worthy. You can replace multiple tools for collaboration, communication and project management using just Nimbus Platform and its portals.

You can try using Nimbus Portal for free regardless of your Nimbus subscription. However, if you want to work with advanced functions like portal customization, custom SMTP and White Label solutions, you need to be a Business plan user. For more detailed information, please contact our support team.

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