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Nimbus expert: ECShops

Spanish, English.

Average client size:

Medium (11-50).

Details about your service:

ECShops provide small-medium companies a comprehensive solution for their eCommerce needs that include the technological platform, and the implementation/maintenance services. eCommerce, and generally speaking web development, requires planning and organization between the various stakeholders involved in the projects. NimbusNote ecosystem helps ECShops team to be organized, and to deliver greater value to their customers, helping them alongside the various phases of the web development project. As Nimbus Consultants (and users), ECShops can show you how to get the maximum ouf of Nimbus suite, finding business use cases, and share with you their personal experience with the tools. Reach out ECShops team if you need help with Nimbus, or you are seeking to create / update your Website or Online Store.


Web Development, ECommerce.

About you / Intro

ECShops is specialized in eCommerce web development. The team is formed by senior professionals that have experience in both: corporate and startup environments. The mission of ECShops is to help customers to save precious time when managing their online store. This is possible thanks to the implementation of automations based on business processes, simplifying content creation and update, and looking after the technology (taking care of all the maintenance and security needed for a robust, fast and secure eCommerce). The flexibility of the ECShops platform will allow you any use case: informative websites, standard online shops, marketplaces, mobile apps, chatbots, artificial intelligence, and more… If your business is looking to create or update your website / online store, get in touch with ECShops team.

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