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Use Nimbus For Educational and Non-Profit Organizations

Do you work or study in an educational institution? Or maybe you’re part of a nonprofit organization?

Save with a special discount on a Pro or Business plan! Organize your entire academic or professional life in one place – Nimbus Platform

Who Is This Special Discount For?

Students, teachers and other educational professionals

You can receive a discount if:

  • Your college or university is accredited
  • Your school provides you with an email address

Non-profit, charitable, social and non-governmental organizations

You can receive a discount if:

  • The Internal Revenue Service or similar government agencies worldwide grants you non-profit or charitable status
  • It is documented in a printed or electronic form

Who are ineligible for the discount

Your application may be denied if your organization is:

How Can I Take Advantage of the Offer?

The process is as simple as 4 steps:

  1. Ensure you fall into one of the qualified categories
  2. Fill out the short form below
  3. After verifying your data, receive an email with a promo code
  4. Enjoy your new workflow with Nimbus Platform

Fill in Information
to Get a Special Discount

Transform the Learning Process

Create a learning management system that fits your needs!

Teachers no longer have to send students many different learning files. Сreate a lesson handout with media, pdf articles and more in one document and instantly send the link to students. Record screencasts to clarify misunderstandings and give feedback to your students as if you were in class.

Teachers will find the best templates for planning your schedule. With Nimbus reminders, you’ll never miss a deadline. Feeling isolated while learning online? Talk to friends in chats and get teachers’ advice via comments.

Organize It All for NGOs

Keep up with all of your great ideas and social initiatives.

Make a quick note, hold a brainstorming session and put your plan into action. Prepare, manage and track everything remotely as effectively as at the office!

Organize your projects into multiple workspaces and folders. Simultaneously, your super document can contain any type of information you need: databases, videos, third-party integrations and more.

And to work on it, invite your super colleagues! Tasks and @-mentions can simplify online team management. For communication, use public and private chats.

Why is There a Special Discount for Students and NGOs?

Nimbus Platform is a great solution for managing educational processes and team projects online.

We want it to reach as many people as possible. Supporting you in helping others is an honor.

And educating another such generation is a dream we strive to fulfill.


Therefore, we offer this discount. You already make a difference.

Nimbus Platform will help you make it even bigger. Let’s do it together!

Reach Your Goals Easier with Nimbus Platform

Nimbus Platform is here to help you on your educational or social journey.

Fill out the short form above and get a special discount on your Pro or Business plan. We’ll get in touch and help you set up your routine. This discount applies to all 3 Nimbus products, so you’ll sure have a lot interesting things to discover.

Hurry up! Our team can’t wait to meet you.

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