To keep things easy and efficient for you, we’ve provided helpful templates for all your different needs—from marketing plans to HR tracking. The templates are completely customizable and can be used to organize all your projects, meetings, goals, strategies, and more.

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Meeting Wrap Up for Clients
Keep track of your meetings with our best Meeting Wrap Up template! Put all information about meetings on a single page and share it with clients so that both parties have the whole picture of the project.

A template that works! Special thanks to Selle Evans, a Nimbus user who created this template for her company. Selle and her team kindly shared this practical template with our community.
🤖 General Persona Profile
Personas are valuable as an outline of your customers to understand and remember everything important for your company. That will lead you to win the trust and will help to become closer and better understand the target as a human being. Handy for the file of existing employees, or for HR and their work on recruiting new ones.

Get a Persona Profile as a simple and clear template for general needs and decide how valuable this person is for the current role in your company.
👾 Persona All In One
This template is perfect for businesses that want to retain all information about their customers and job employees. The provided form is an outline in which you can include any details specific to your case.

Insert your data into the table for a better understanding of your audience. You will see the outstanding results and get helpful information for your next steps to success!
Project Life Cycle
To get your projects running smoothly, start with a steady plan or outline. With this template, you can track your progress, record deadlines, and explain the intended range of your work.
Customer Testimonials
Testimonials are a great way to build credibility for your organization. If your have too much information to manage in a plain document alone, then use this template to add structure and clarity to your work.
Meeting notes
This simple meeting notes template allows you to record key points in your team discussions. Use our tables to separate your information based on category.
Simple meeting agenda
Get your whole team updated with this meeting agenda template. Keep your meetings efficient and organized by planning ahead of time.
Usability Scale
Getting feedback for your web pages and products is essential to improving your product's user experience. Share this template with others to gain insight about how your website is used.
Business Proposal
A business proposal is an extension of your sales process and winning business. Unfortunately, most proposals used by small businesses are not very effective because they lack structure, organization, and do not include the information that will lead to sales.
A well-written business proposal is more than a sales pitch. It helps people make decisions. To increase your sales, you need to communicate well with your prospects and provide them with everything they need to make a buying decision.
You can use the free Nimbus business proposal template to write proposals that convert prospects into customers.
Client Proposal Template
When starting new employees in your company, there are certain things you need to do first up to ensure they're successful. This means you need to onboard them properly.
In today’s fast-paced world, every company has their unique way of onboarding employees to get them up to speed quickly. Some companies don’t even bother with an onboarding process. Others spend hours upon hours creating detailed manuals and guides that overwhelm new employees.
What if you could cut all that time out by using a simple employee onboarding template or checklist?
An effective new employee onboarding template will help new hires get started quickly and efficiently.
If you're looking for ways to improve your business, consider adding an employee onboarding template to your workflow. If you don't already have one, use the Nimbus new employee onboarding template as your checklist to start your new hires the right way.
Requirements Elicitation
Use the Requirements Elicitation Template to clarify your whole journey with a client. Be clear about the details and whether you are on the same page. Below you will find all the key points and phases of your productive collaboration.
Report for Clients
Present your work to clients with Nimbus! Send them just one link where they can find all the needed information about the project. Embed everything you need and benefit from our powerful editor to organize your information in a smart way.

A template that works! Special thanks to Selle Evans, a Nimbus user who created this template for her company. Selle and her team kindly shared this practical template with our community.
Product Feedback Template
Many businesses fail to ask their customers for feedback about the products or services, which is a mistake.
They may assume that since they have a product or service, they don't need to ask their users for feedback.
Customers will happily provide product feedback if you ask them. If they are not happy with the quality of the product or service they have paid for, they will find another solution.
To have great products that your customers are happy with, you must collect product feedback. This is why using a product feedback templates is valuable.
This free product feedback template will allow you to collect useful user feedback to help you prioritize improvements you can make to your products or services.
Client Profile Template
A client profile, also called a customer profile, helps you define who you want to serve with your services. It helps you focus on the most important aspects of each potential customer, so you don't waste your time talking to someone who doesn't care about your product or service.
To ensure you're not wasting your time, create a client profile template before you prospect. This will help you narrow down who to contact and ensure you talk only to people who want to buy from you.
Use this free client profile template to identify who you want to work with, so you can start gathering information that will lead to sales.
Meeting Agenda
When you have meetings, there are certain things you need to cover before getting started. Whether it’s a weekly staff meeting, a monthly board meeting, or a quarterly company retreat, there are key items that should always be included.
A meeting agenda template can help ensure everyone knows in advance what they need to bring, and it helps keep them focused on the right topics. An agenda can save time and stress by ensuring that all attendees know exactly what needs to be covered.
A meeting agenda template can help you save time when planning one. Instead of spending extra time writing up a detailed agenda, you can simply use the meeting agenda template and save yourself time and energy while still providing all the information needed for an effective meeting.
Start using the free Nimbus meeting agenda template today to create and lead more effective meetings with your team.
One-On-One Meetings
One-on-one meetings are necessary if you manage people. It's an effective way to check-in on your employees and offer them support, so they can perform to the best of their abilities.
Most managers find one-on-one meetings uncomfortable or difficult because they don't have a structure to follow. Employees also dread one-on-one meetings when they don't find them valuable. This causes meetings to be ineffective and a waste of time.
Using a one-on-one meeting template makes meetings less stressful, more effective, and, when done well, can increase trust between a manager and their team members.
You can utilize the free Nimbus one-on-one meetings template to keep you focused on the topics you need to discuss and avoid wasting time with unimportant details.
Contacts Page
Store contact information for your friends, family, colleagues, and clients using our handy contacts template. In this template, there are individual tables for listing details and notes.
Invoice Template
When you create invoices for clients, you need to ensure they look professional. That means using a template that makes them easy to read and understand.
An invoice template is a document used by businesses to bill their clients for goods and services provided. One way to make clients feel comfortable paying you is to create an invoice template that clearly outlines everything that needs to be paid. You have many free and paid options today. This will help you get paid faster and can also increase your client retention rate.
There are different types of free invoice templates, depending on what type of service you’re providing. Regardless of which type of template you use and the invoice you send, you should always include important information, such as the date, amount due, payment terms, and contact details.
Find out why you need to use an invoice template and the essential elements you need to include.
Use the Nimbus free invoice template to create a great professional invoice that makes your clients happy and increases your chances of getting paid on time.
📽 Christmas Movie List
Get ready for Christmas movie night! Use this template to create a list of movies you plan to watch. Then give your review for each movie. Share the list with your friends and family.
🎄Christmas Menu Planner
This template is perfect for planning your Christmas week meals. Plan the menu ahead and stay relaxed during the Holidays!

Each day of the week is labeled with a different color so you can easily set them apart. The template even features a handy shopping list at the bottom. By using this template, you can make sure your meal plans for the Christmas week are set and prepared.
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