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Nimbus Platform for HR & Recruiting

Easily manage all of your recruiting, onboarding, and employee administration in a single, highly organized workplace.

Onboarding Guides / Development Resources

Centralize all of your employee training and professional development resources – in one place.


Create a welcome guide for the resource collection, highlight important documents and link to ongoing projects that any new employee will need to understand. Organize all your employee performance development programs in a single location.

Interviews / Candidate Tracking

Manage your recruiting process with ease. Prepare and organize comprehensive interviews with your team, then collect feedback and collaborate on the assessment of each candidate.

Candidate applications roll in the moment a job is posted. Managing potential talent pools should be efficient and easy – however, this isn’t always possible with complex recruiting systems. Nimbus Platform helps you collaborate better with HR colleagues and with other teams.

Consolidate job descriptions

Coordinate better along the recruiting pipeline to publish attractive job descriptions and company profiles. Work together to bring more clarity on client and position details.

Employee Directory

Maintain a shared directory of all the employees in your company. Keep track of roles, start dates, birthdays, interests, short biographies and addresses.

Performance measurement

Create details and summary for employee performance. Establish roles, set goals, and give feedback.

Exchange valuable feedback to drive every relationship forward. Capture performance reviews from managers and individual contributors, peers and departments.

Policies and procedures

Provide all employees easy access to company policies and procedures. Anticipate questions and avoid tedious email exchanges by providing documents in a well-organized workspace.

Refine search

Refine search allows you to search using virtually any parameter. With OCR technology (image to text recognition), you can even search for text in attached documents such as PDFs and images.

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