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Nimbus Platform for Sales

Organize all of your sales team assets into a single place to let your teams be more focused, collaborative and consistent.

Organize your classes or courses into individual workspaces and folders

Create one workspace for each of your projects, and organize all of your chaos into an orderly, easily accessible, secure environment.

Each workspace is independent, having its own pages, folders, tags and members. Create multiple workspaces.

Groups for workspaces – group your workspaces to add more structure, gain higher levels of team collaboration and organize more completely.


Create multiple workspaces — one for each of your projects.


Keep project data separate — each workspace is entirely separate from other workspaces.


Easily maintain security and project focus — each workspace has its own users, content and permissions.


Keep order in each workspace — create folders and subfolders within each workspace.


Continuous team collaboration — teams can readily coordinate by accessing work items in a single, secure location.


Access workspaces from anywhere — desktop or directly at the Nimbus website.

Lightweight CRM and robust text-editor

Gather different types of content on one Nimbus page. You can write and format text, capture screenshots or record videos and add various files in one place. What’s more, you can easily connect your pages with @-mention and share them with one link.

  • Сreate pages, docs, wikis and more
  • Easily create tasks & lists
  • Databases, spreadsheets and tables
  • Organize and share your pages and assets

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Use video to connect with your prospects and close deals faster

Reach your prospects by sending personalized videos, and quickly show them what’s important (instead of writing long messages).


Nimbus Capture works with Nimbus Platform to add visual communication that will benefit both your team and customers. Bring a personal touch to your customer interactions with videos and screenshots. Record short videos for your customers, then share a link to that video by email, CRM or any other system that you use. Use annotation and editing tools to show what’s important.

Reduce the onboarding time for new sales reps

Creating a comprehensive onboarding plan for new employees that reduces training time, increases training efficiency, maximizes sales success and decreases turnover of team members.


Centralize all of your employee training and professional development resources — in one place. Create a welcome guide for the resource collection, highlight important documents, and link to ongoing projects that any new employee will need to understand. Organize all sales decks, whitepapers and one-pagers in a single location.

Manage your sales reviews and store your script templates

High-performance sales teams that meet their objectives are teams that coordinate their sales efforts, capitalize on best practices, and leverage up-to-date information about their leads. Nimbus Platform can enable your sales teams to do all this, and more.


Bring greater visibility and accountability to one-on-one sales reviews. Nimbus Platform makes it much easier for managers and reps to get on the same page about current conversations and progress against quotas. Store all of your key processes and best practices in a Sales Playbook workspace. Nimbus Platform is the perfect place for sales teams to draft, edit, and collaborate on sales script templates and other key documents.

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