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  • Jun 15, 2017
  • 5 Min

10 tips that will make your life way easier


We already discussed slow living in our previous posts. Unfortunately, not everyone succeeds in following this kind of measured haste-free rhythm. It soon fades from our memory and we keep galloping along. Today we decided to dedicate a bit of time to the little details in our life that we normally pay no attention to. And unjustly so, by the way.

Our entire life is made up of little things

But every little thing matters a great deal, which is something we often don’t consider. This is why by changing some of those little things or even excluding certain ones from our life altogether we can achieve quite astonishing results. So, are you ready to change and make your life easier? Then just go for it!

Get yourself an alarm clock!

Sure sure, you already got one in your smart phone. But do give it up getting yourself the old classic. Why? First of all because it will never fall for your tricks and let you push the alarm “just a few minutes back”. Secondly, because it will make you actually wake up to turn it off. And finally, thanks to it your morning will not begin with checking e-mails, missed calls and texts, reading news in social networks.

Go to bed at proper time!

And don’t think this applies to your kids only. You are not exempt from following a daily schedule – or sleep schedule if you will. Remember that difficulty waking up in the morning results from staying up late in the evening. Get rid of the habit to spend your time watching TV or working on your computer with a cup of tea. A much better habit is taking a walk before turning in!

Go to sleep right!

What is this one about? It’s very important to switch your subconsciousness to a “sleep mode”. It’s been known for a while that our subconscious is a powerful machine that does not stop working for a second. It controls the work of our entire body and knows answers to all questions. Not always are we able to find the answers we need though – but only because we don’t know how to handle our own subconscious. Meditate before turning in for just 10 minutes and ask your subconscious questions you would like answers to. Write those question down (be as specific as you can) and go to sleep.

Use morning hours to charge with energy

Morning hours are the best time to charge with energy for the day ahead. There is a reason why so many successful people literally rise with the sun. Morning is a great time to meditate and ready yourself for the day. Also, during a meditation you can unexpectedly get those evening questions to your subconscious answered! Morning happens to be the time for unexpected insights and flashes of genius, generating creative ideas and inspirations. Take advantage of this time: make sure there is no TV, computer, smart phone or tablet around.

Read and keep a book journal

We can sense a wealth of objections citing lack of time for reading. The truth is, no one insists on reading a pile of books daily: you only need to read 5-10 pages a day. This will not take too long (and you will spend less time browsing the internet), while the benefits for your gray matter will be overwhelming. Our brain is a unique organ that always needs to be nourished. It gets that nourishment from good books – but never from reading the news. Just make sure you stay away from trashy books – save yourself some money and precious time! Read good, useful, smart books. And make sure you keep writing in your book journal. That way you will understand clearly what to read next – in addition to giving a nice boost to your ego.

Try to take full advantage of your commuting time

If you have things to do (related or unrelated to work) that you can solve over the phone or remotely, do them as you commute to work. This will give you the sense of being highly efficient and help you do the tasks you planned faster.

Meditate at work

You can and you definitely should meditate at work. Not only does it help you stay efficient, it also allows you to solve a multitude of various tasks, reboot and get rid of the negativity that destroys us from within.

Plan your day in advance

Making plans is not just a boring duty but also an opportunity to sum up your day in advance. It goes like that: plan your next working day at the end of your current, your personal day – in the evening after dinner. Remember about the restrictions for each of the lists: do not plan for more than three major, three less important and three smaller (or not-so-important) tasks. In total, there should be no more than 9 items on each of the lists.

Switch your phone to airplane mode

Using this simple life hack will help you avoid senseless waste of time throughout the day. A smart phone in your hands prompts you to browse social networks listlessly, keep checking your e-mail and so on. All these useful features will become available to you as soon as you switch to a different mode. Practice shows that in 8 cases out of 10 there is no real need to do that.

Keep your nutrition simple

Simple food does not require much time to cook and is tons more useful than pre-made food and fast food. Unfortunately, modern food industry is more interested in quantity (variety) than quality. In the meantime, simple food helps us fill up with energy, is great for our metabolism and strengthens the immune system.

If you try and follow at least seven of the recommendations above, everything in your life can change for better on its own, without any effort on your part.

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