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5 best practices for digital professionals

While you are playing email ping-pong, your prospects are losing interest. If you want to keep them, minimize iterations and response time with the FuseBase ecosystem. With our products, you can gather various types of content under one roof and share it with just one link!

This means you can attach anything you need to your screenshots and recordings: text, PDF files, chats and various embeds from other services.

Why is FuseBase better than email?

✔ All crucial content is gathered in one place and not dispersed within numerous email chains.

✔ More types of content are available: interactive embeds, up-to-date stats and code injections.

✔ Editing is intuitive: rich editor, drag-and-drop feature to smoothly move content blocks.

✔ Only one link is needed to share everything.

How do people like you use FuseBase? 5 best practices:

1. Getting in touch with your prospects

✔️ Record a video. It can be a recording of a website or presentation to start off your communication. Don’t forget to turn on your web camera to add a human touch to business communication.

✔️ Embed Calendly. This way, your prospects can set a meeting with you without sending emails back and forth.

✔️ Add an Intercom live chat to your visual message so that your prospect can ask for details and get the needed information right away!

Getting in touch with your prospects

2. Sending an offer with all the needed files

✔️ Create a visual message: a screenshot or screen recording for your client. Easily describe all duties to be completed for the project.

✔️ Write down the highlights of the video to make them clearer.

✔️ Add all the files you need: your portfolio, reference designs, pricing or even a contract.

✔️ Embed Google Docs for your contract so that your client can edit it.

Sending an offer with all the needed files

Are you excited to create your first super document?

3. Giving feedback

✔️ In FuseBase, create a Feedback page for a specific project and add all technical requirements, versions and feedbacks there. This way, you and your service provider or colleague will have all information about a concrete task in one place. No other discussions will distract you from the crucial information, as in the case of other mediums like Slack or email.

✔️ Make an annotated screenshot(s) or a screen recording to save time on writing feedback to your employee or colleague. Show the way you see results without typing long blocks of text.

✔️ Add reference designs (images, annotated screenshots, videos, YouTube embeds, links) to embody your vision.

✔️ Embed Calendly if there is a need for meetings.

Giving feedback

4. Creating a project report

✔️ Create a shared folder in FuseBase. Then, add several notes for various months.

✔️ In a note for a specific month, embed all data analyzing tools you need: Google Data Studio, Google Analytics or others.

✔️ Add a Google Sheet or a table to show the numbers.

✔️ Create a screen recording with a voice over in Nimbus Capture to explain all the gathered data to your client.

✔️ Write down a summary as well as action items and hypotheses to follow up during the next month.

You can send a similar dynamic project report with just one link to your client. This way, your client will not need to search for specific information in numerous email threads and switch from one service to another. What’s more, you won’t complicate your clients’ life and instead will offer them the easiest and the most efficient way to collaborate with you.

5. Reaching out to your clients after finishing the project

✔️ Create a personalized video for a client to thank them for collaboration.

✔️ Add a link to the project reports to remind a client of all the work done.

✔️ Embed a Google Form or a Type form to request a review of your work.

✔️ Leave your contacts in case the client needs your services once again.

Reaching out to your clients after finishing the project

Wait, that’s not it!

You can even gather all the types of dynamic content on a page under your branding! With advanced business features, you can customize the look of shared pages, add your personal domain with CName, add your logo and title! What’s more, you can even add code injections to your super documents!

customize the look of public pages

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