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Personal Productivity

How your good habits can let you down?

We are all used to patting ourselves on the back for our good habits while trying our hardest to get rid of the bad ones. And yet… the tireless scientists arrived at a conclusion that can come across as counter-intuitive. Good habits can keep us from growing and evolving.

Do good habits hold us back and make us commit errors? Unfortunately, that’s what sometimes happens. And right now let’s look at a few more specific situations.

What would work for one situation does not work for the other

You must always analyze the specific situation at hand. For instance, having changed an occupation or a company you work for, try to comprehend how useful the skills and habits you built will really be. Practice shows that strong points can sometimes become your weak points.

For instance, when it comes to business decisions, intuition often comes to rescue. But working for a large company with its know-hows and ready-to-use statistical data, intuition can only do you a disservice. In this case, it’s best to make decisions based on concrete data. For sales, the key qualities include self-assertion, persuasion and ability to take risks, while some of those qualities will be simply inappropriate for a manager. When evaluating a certain situation, keep in mind that there is no versatile approach, you always need to adjust and make changes.

Our habits constrain our personal growth

Any habits become part of our behavior over time without us even realizing it. We automatically follow the same route or the same rules not giving it much thought. Without us thinking about it and giving meaning to our actions our brain is “resting”. And that means we are not growing, we are treading water. Who knows what we could achieve or conceive if we weren’t auto-piloting our way through it?

Our habits rob us of a future

The older our good habit is, the deeper we get stuck in the past, depriving ourselves of a future.  Our conservatism can prevent us from taking full advantage of modern technologies, becoming more mobile and successful. Always make sure you think carefully about the way your habits can hold you back. When facing a new situation, try getting a fresh perspective at it every time. It’s important to understand that not in every situation your rich experience stands for the best decision possible. By relying on old solutions that worked before, you deprive yourself of an opportunity to come up with new ones.

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