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Tip: How to pin a note on top of the list?

Sometimes you need for a specific note to always appear on top of the list. For instance, it can be a shopping list, tasks for the day or any other important information. It was impossible to make happen before, as we offer a dynamic note list, so every newly added note would be pushing your important note further and further down the list. 🙂 But very recently we added the option to change the creation date in Nimbus Note for Windows, and only a few days ago this feature also became available in Nimbus Note for Android. To pin a note on top of the list, you just need to change the creation date to, say, year 2018, and it will always appear on top, at least until 2018 🙂

You can change the creation date in Nimbus Note for Windows using the menu Note Information. You just need to click on the date and change it in the calendar.

In Android you also use menu item Note Information where you need to tap on the pencil icon next to the creation date.

The creation date is also synchronized, so you just need to change it on one of your devices to have it changed on the rest.

We are well aware that this way, which involves changing the creation date, is not a perfect one by far, and a manual sorting mode would be much more convenient. Just to let you in on a little secret – the work is already underway :). You should be enjoying the results very soon.

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